AWE2020: AHA! Moments Towards Alignment Check!

Tan Lay Leng

Over the weekend (31 July, 1-2 August 2020), 200+ participants zoomed in from 10 other nations and over 90 churches, 57% of them attending our very own Aligning WeekEnd (AWE2020) for the very first time.

Months leading to AWE2020, by the Lord’s enablement, Team Archippus under the competent leadership of Brother Soon Hin worked towards serving the body of Christ at #awe2020zoom. Hence, we were was filled with joy to see an assembly of Archippuses coming together to #buildthearc – Archippian parlance for a community of like-minded awakened, aligned and assigned kingdom saints. [For full report, please read: Woo-ed by CHRIST at AWE2020]

Many had written in through the “AHA! Moments” channel and we praise God He is doing His amazing and beautiful work in many hearts:

“I can only align to one reference point. Aligning to two ‘masters’ is already a misalignment! I have to be clear about this – to de-align from self and turn and return to God.
Rakesh Singh, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church

“We are constantly Receiving Christ! He’s our daily Living Bread.”
Noelle Tan, New Creation Church

“Are we gathering with the right kingdom purpose? Find the right kingdom partner.”
Sabrina Lim, Hope Church

“It’s not about me. It’s all about Him. I know God not to benefit me but so that I can go about my Father’s business.”
Ho Ai Choo, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church

“Seek the WILL OF GOD” (full stop, for me).
Yong Choon Yuen, Hope SG

“I think if I go about looking for assignments from the Lord without an alignment check, I will be like a chicken running in the field without a head.”
Gladys, Faith Community Baptist Church

“Empowerment is Resting in Christ. When I trust in the Lord and wait upon Him to give me His assignment, He will thrust me forward. He is the pilot and I am His co-pilot.”
Chia Yen Yen, Covenant Evangelical Free Church

“Always check with the Lord what His speed limit is for every distance that I’m covering. Align with Him. Do not rush ahead of Him.”
Jeanette Wong, Bartley Christian Church

“I received a ‘re-affirmation’ of my assignment! It brought tears to my eyes when God reminded me, “Feed My sheep.” I rediscover and receive His love.”
Sharon Teh, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church

“I realised the importance of alignment check and I want to surrender to God so that once again, I look only to Him and His kingdom.”
Patricia Chan, Covenant Evangelical Free Church

“Many times we seek God’s will for our own interests, and in doing that, we are saying “I am the King”, and expecting God to fill up what we want. We need to seek God for who He is, and not who we want Him to be.”
Yvonne Lim, Glory Joy Christian Church

“God, what is Your will for me? The question in itself has an issue. The issue is ‘for me’. Does God exist for us or do we exist for Him?” (quoting Ps Henson Lim)  
Cindy Ling, Aldersgate Methodist Church

“We need constant alignment check. Run to the One who restores Us. At the Cross we are set free! Being set free from sin does not mean we are free to live our own lives.”
Rose Tan, Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church

“Repentance is the only constant – because that’s when the daily renewal of our mind commences.”
Noelle Tan, New Creation Church

“Our abilities do not dictate our assignments but our abilities facilitate our assignments.”
Irene Law, Bethesda Katong Church

“Christ has paid it all for us at the Cross, therefore the Cross is not a burden to carry but a blessing to claim.”
Ps Tan Chin Lee, His Arrow Church

“There is no shrinking back from the tests because it expands my faith. The fiery furnace is the only way my Heavenly Potter can set me into the shape of Christ. Sometimes, He even breaks the pot and moulds all over again for His perfecting.”
Chia Yen Yen, Covenant Evangelical Free Church

A- Archippuses being Awakened, Aligned & Assigned
H – Humbling myself to seek Father God through A-R-E-A
A- Action in carrying out my kingdom assignment
Gordon Goh, Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church

“Whenever there is Repentance, there is a promised Restoration!”
Rose Tan, Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church

“Don’t keep limping and leaning on the restorative crutches. Run to the Restorer- JESUS.”
Lew Fong Lin, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church

“I am anything but aimless because my primary purpose in life is to Know Christ the moment I commit and give my life to Him.”
Amanda Ang, Bethesda Cathedral

“Thank God for Ps Henson who clarified that 1 Corinthians 10:13 is pertaining to temptations. Many times, I would quote this verse and ask God to bring me out of difficult situations. I learnt that God will give us assignments beyond our understanding and bigger than us, therefore He wants us to come with our weakness and surrender to Him.”
Yuliana, City Harvest Church

“Full restoration is done at the Cross for me. There is no need to go for restorative ministry again and again. Instead run to the One who restored me at the Cross. Yes, at the Cross, I have been set free.”
Oi Leng, Living Sanctuary Brethren Church

“Discipleship requires relationship, and relationship requires time. By busying myself with things not from God, I am not making time to be discipled and to disciple.”
Jiaying, Hope Singapore

As much as we are encouraged by these AHA! moments and impacted by Ps Henson’s teachings, let these personal awakening moments serve as an impetus to push us forward to check alignment towards assignment. Let’s go deeper! Connect with other Archippuses – like-minded ones with common language. Take advantage of the resources and initiatives of Archippus Awakening. (Check out our website!)

Don’t stop at just another webinar. Hear and obey what the Spirit of the King has spoken to you.

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