Awakening Event: Living Waters Methodist Church Camp 29 Nov – 2 Dec 2015

From one Awakening Event (AWE) to another – back to back – well, almost. After a successful IN THE LAST DAYS Worldview Conference, there was little opportunity to rest as my mind raced forward in preparation of the next assignment – Living Waters Methodist Church Camp 2015.

Over lunch in August 2014, I shared the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening with Rev Aaron Tay, the Pastor-in-charge of LWMC. That resulted in a casual invitation for me to speak at their Church Camp in December 2015. Over the next months, the invitation was formalised and before we knew it, we were lunching again (September 2015) to discuss the camp theme. My proposal was, of course, “AWAKENED. ALIGNED. ASSIGNED.” which Pastor Aaron readily supported.

When we arrived at Holiday Inn Malacca on 29 Nov, I was pleasantly surprised to see a very creative expression of the theme, complete with a design rationale on the front of the camp booklet. This design was carried by everyone as each donned the bright blue camp T-shirt. In his camp foreword, Pastor Aaron wrote, “In this camp, you will be blessed with the teaching ministry of Rev Henson Lim as he helps us with our focus. Rev Lim has a message from God for each of us … God has a plan to bless the world and He invites us to be HIs partners to fulfil that plan. For that to happen, we need to be awakened to the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives, to desire to align with His purposes and to be opened to God’s assignment for us.”

Over three days, I took the LWMC campers through four sessions, “Another Awakening”, “Ready & Prepared”, “Alignment Check” and “Finish the Race”. As these are messages I have preached many times before, my prayer was for the Lord to bring fresh anointing as these are declared again. We give thanks and praise to the Lord for the positive responses and feedback! When the invitation was given at the end of the final session, many streamed forward promptly, desiring to be Archippuses who know and fulfil their assignments. What followed was a meaningful time of ministry as we prayed for each of them. Finally, I had the honour of praying for Rev Aaron and the leadership of LWMC.

Those we understand Archippus Awakening will know that an awakening is only the first step. If it stops there, then the probability of falling back asleep, or back into ‘churchy’ mode, is extremely high. Our prayer for LWMC is that each Archippus will get onto the process of alignment and be duly assigned for the Lord’s purposes, whether within the local assembly area (AA) or in their respective areas of operation (AO). All sixty copies of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS were also sold and I hope that these will be good reference material for the Archippuses at LWMC going forward.

Will the message of Archippus Awakening continue to be declared beyond the camp? Well, if it is any indication (and encouragement), Pastor Aaron is exploring the possibility for having me preach over two or three Sundays in 2016 so that campers can be reminded of what has been taught and others who were not at this camp will also get to be awakened, aligned and assigned!

Indeed, true to our three-fold mission statement, we give thanks to the Lord for the privilege to serve the body of Christ, to stand with kingdom leaders and to stir and awaken the saints to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignment! Thank you, Pastor Aaron, Camp Chairman Jordan and Camp Commandant Wei Min for looking after us so well in Malacca 🙂

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