Awakening Event: Prayer & Leadership Conference in Kidapawan City 22-24 Oct 2014

When I was first invited by Ptr Joel to speak at a conference in Kidapawan City, I had no idea what the focus would be. When I learned that it would be a Prayer & Leadership Conference, I naturally expected to be teaching topics along these lines. Touching base with Ptr Joel as the conference dates drew closer,¬†he asked for me to share about Archippus Awakening. Needless to say, I gladly obliged ūüôā The Lord had orchestrated yet another Awakening Event (A.W.E.) for the message of Archippus Awakening to be boldly declared!

Across the three night meetings, I preached on “The Spirit of the Forerunner”, “When God Gets Our Attention” and “Finish the Race”. These are not new messages at all as I have delivered these in other meetings and Awakening Events in Singapore. Even so, the Lord graced us with His presence¬†and¬†He moved so mightily in our midst and in the hearts of the dear brothers and sisters in Kidapawan City. Many were awakened and began identifying themselves as Archippuses with a deep desire to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments! Posts are hash-tagged with #archippusawakening and #IAmArchippus. The response to the message of Archippus Awakening¬†has been¬†truly overwhelming and very encouraging. As at the time of writing this post, our Facebook Page LIKES have¬†reached¬†479, up by 43 LIKES in the past two days! There is an increased awareness of the urgency of the times and a renewed sense of purpose and excitement in Kidapawan City.

With other speakers (from left) Ptr Larry Chua & wife, Ptr Joel Acaso and Ptr Joed Amlon & wife.

One of the lecturers, Ptr Larry Chua, told me that he would preach the Archippus Awakening message when he returned to Lebak. Ptr Anleen, presently pioneering a church plant,¬†posted, “Thank you Ptr. Henson Lim for being a blessing to us. Our pioneering church (daughter church of Kidapawan AG) experienced great awakening this morning. And there will be more good things in stored that are going to happen because of your ministry.” A dear brother wrote, “Thank you Pastor Lim for having you here in Kidapawan City, Philippines. You shared a lot of things that enlightened our mind and souls.”¬†I stand in awe of the Lord and His faithfulness! Without doubt, as I accepted the mandate and preached the message of Archippus Awakening, it is God who will make it into a movement of Archippuses set on fire for the Kingdom!

Reflecting on all that had taken place over the past week, four points are especially significant concerning this Awakening Event:

  1. One Year Ago: The dates of this ministry trip were 21-27 Oct. Having completed my assignment in Kidapawan City, I returned to Singapore on 27 October. Interestingly, on this day, 27 Oct 2013 Рexactly one year ago Рthe Lord spoke to me through Colossians 4:17, planting the seed of Archippus Awakening in the womb of my spirit.
  2. First Overseas Mission: The message of Archippus Awakening may have been declared outside of Singapore before (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) but all have been directed at Singaporean churches and congregations. This is the very first time that Archippus Awakening is shared overseas to Filipino brethren in Kidapawan City (and its surrounding regions), in Mindanao, Philippines.
  3. A Small City: This Awakening Event was not held in a major city but in a third-class city of¬†Kidapawan City in the province of Cotabato, 2-3hrs from Davao City. The Prayer & Leadership Conference was not organised by a big¬†church but a humble one in Kidapawan City Assembly of God Church. This is truly in the spirit of Archippus Awakening! It’s about unknowns and nobody’s that God will use. He will raise Archippuses from the ground up and implement His kingdom initiatives through these faithful servants!
  4. A Harvest of Fruits: Kidapawan City is also referred to as the “City of Fruits and Highland Springs”, being the second largest fruit producer after Davao City. I had the opportunity to sample some of these and they are so sweet and delicious! Could this be another reason why the Lord chose Kidapawan City for¬†the message of Archippus Awakening to be declared? I am believing that out of this Awakening Event, in His perfect time, there will be a mighty harvest of fruit for¬†the kingdom of God in Philippines! There will be many Pinoy Arquipo’s¬†awakened, aligned and assigned to¬†the glory of Jesus Christ!

With Ptr Joel Acaso outside Kidapawan City Assembly of God Church

My heart is filled with thanksgiving and gratitude! Praise the Lord for leading Ptr Joel Acaso to organise this Prayer & Leadership Conference, for connecting us again after a three-year break, for creating yet another platform for Archippus Awakening and for allowing me this awesome privilege to serve Jesus and my Filipino brothers and sisters. To God be the glory!

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