My “Alignment Slap”!

Chia Wee Teck

My first encounter with Archippus Awakening was when Pastor Henson spoke at our church camp in June 2019.  Our pastor-in-charge has just started to steer our church towards being a more intentional disciple-making church.  The message from Pastor Henson could not have been more apt.  I was awakened to the fact that each and every one of us has been given a ministry from the Lord, and I need to be faithful to carry out that kingdom assignment God has given me.  I felt that I needed to also help wake up those around me, especially the youths in the ministry God has given the privilege for me to lead.  I remember being invited to AWE2019 in Batam, but my work travel schedule did not allow me to participate. And soon I was distracted.

Then came 2020, a year which started with a lot of natural disasters and finally COVID-19 which stopped all my business travels and all work was done from home.  Even church gatherings had to stop and everything went online. This unprecedented period certainly has helped me to re-evaluate and re-align what the church is and what the essential activities are.

I discovered why we gather, that we may disciple and that we can each fulfil God’s mission for the church and for His Kingdom – to be His salt and light to the world where He has already placed us individually, within our sphere of influence, within our unique indigenous community. This is totally independent of our past organized activities, independent of the unnecessary burden or distraction we placed on ourselves and our youths to seek a ‘special will or calling’ from our God. It is so plain and simple and we just need to obey. That was a huge slap for me from the Lord for making it so complex. Yet it was preparing me for what I was to receive at AWE2020.

Somehow as I was clearing my junk email folder, I came across the invitation to AWE2020. I felt a nudge from the Lord to sign up. It took me another week before I made the decision but I am glad I did!

Three weeks prior to the event, I received an email “From the Desktop of Henson’, checking in to ask his usual question of ‘How can I serve you that I may help you stay on track with and for the Lord?’ I brushed it aside but one week before AWE2020, the Spirit prompted me to reply, consolidating my thoughts and reflections throughout this COVID period. And again I am glad I did! This really prepared my heart for the teachings ahead of AWE2020.

AWE2020 has helped to reinforce and confirm what God has impressed upon my heart. It helped to sharpen some of the thinking and provided me guidelines on how to go about my own alignment and how to make key decisions for the youth ministry.

It is also such a great encouragement for me to see so many fellow Archippuses who have chosen to do this alignment with God, and that I am not alone. I really want to thank Team Archippus for blessing me and many like me by faithfully carrying out their assignments for God’s kingdom.

To God be the glory!

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