The Next Big Step: Prayer

Since the Lord planted the seed of Archippus Awakening in my spirit on 27 Oct 2013, so much has happened. Not a day has gone by without a new thought, a new idea, a new perspective. Doors opened and I got to meet new friends, learning and discovering fresh angles of the Kingdom, broadening my views and understanding. Each time, the vision of this ministry was shared, there has been a sense of excitement as each affirmed the need for such a movement within and across the Body of Christ.

Through my self-imposed cave time, I hammered away at the keyboard, churning out page after page of the ministry manifesto. The more I wrote, the more I become convicted, the more I looked forward to the day I could openly announce Archippus Awakening. In the meantime, by faith, the logo was designed, the website registered, the Post Office Box secured and even the name cards printed. Finally, the time came for me to get out of the cave! The instruction from the Lord was so clear: Begin declaring the name of Archippus Awakening boldly. And that was what I did at the very first public meeting, at Y’s Men’s Fellowship. As at the time of writing this post, the Archippus Awakening Facebook Page has garnered 169 LIKES – not bad at all. Certain individuals have also indicated their interest to participate and serve in Archippus Awakening!

That said, there are still many details to be settled, and even more questions to be answered. When do I launch Archippus Awakening? How do I do it? Where should we hold our meetings? What format or shape will the training and equipping take? Where are the finances coming from? Who will turn up? How am I going to manage all of this?!?
As I pondered what the next steps might be, I sense that the next three months will be extremely critical. I am reminded of the Lord’s word to me on 30 Oct 2013, that there will be “a time of incubation and gestation before the birthing.” After six months of carrying this ‘baby’, Archippus Awakening is now in its final trimester. Like a first-time parent, I started out with excitement at the prospect of becoming a father. Now, I am still excited, if not more, but that is mixed with pre-parent anxiety … Baby’s coming out soon! It’s for real and there’s absolutely no turning back now! What do I know about fathering? Will I be a good dad? What if I mess up big time??!!

To this end, amidst all the other steps that must be taken, I know that the next big step is prayer. That’s a key kingdom principle for nothing is birthed except through prayer. When I received the mandate of Archippus Awakening, I rallied a few close and trusted friends to partner me in prayer. These have been praying and Archippus Awakening is what it is thus far because of their prayer support. I have been praying and Serene has been praying, personally and together as a couple. Along the way, the Lord has also prompted many others to pray for us. But from this point forward, especially over the next three months, prayer will be even more of a priority. Just last week, Serene and I prayed with another couple, submitting Archippus Awakening to the Lord. Sometime in May, we will be gathering another group to worship and pray together; and possibly in June and July too.

As you read this, I invite you to partner us through the ministry of prayer and intercession:

  • Pray for the birth of Archippus Awakening.
  • Pray for me as I continue to seek the Lord for His wisdom and plan, that I will hear clearly and move decisively.
  • Pray for Kingdom connections and like-minded men and women to align with me.
  • Pray for even more open doors to share this ministry and for favour as pastors and leaders hear this message.
  • Pray for hearts to be stirred by the Holy Spirit, for an awakening of Archippuses.

Thank you!

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