Treasure Time!

A Praise Report on Archippus Awakening KPI Silent Retreat 29 November – 1 December 2021

by Lay Leng (with help from Yeen Peng who transcribed the reflections from Archippuses)

Treasure the Time!
Prayer undergirds the work of Archippus Awakening (AA). AA is birthed out of prayers. Our first KPI (Kingdom Prayer Initiative) Silent Retreat was no exception. The core team prayed up the Silent Retreat. It was a desire of Cecilia, who oversees KPI, answered.

The retreat was to be a time set aside to physically come together to seek God individually and corporately for the work of AA beyond seven years. While praying up the retreat, Grace received the word “Treasure”; we were to treasure our time together.

Treasure we did! After months and months of seeing one another virtually, fellow soldiers finally saw one another at Changi Cove.

When Archippuses assemble, the expectancy was in the air. On the first night, during our “Treasure Time”, we paired up to pray, releasing to each other the prophetic word we have received from God. In the morning, each one of us had already received a postcard to pray and then write a personal note to a fellow Archippus. Lian Khion had an amazing testimony on the postcard he received. He shared that the Holy Spirit led him to a postcard picture of a typewriter. Anyone looking at the card could imagine a pair of unseen hands that had typed the words “#iamarchippus AWAKENED, ALIGNED, ASSIGNED”. When different ones brought the Lord’s messages to him at the retreat, he realized the significance of the unseen invisible hands of God. God had long been at work, preparing him to use the gifts His Hands have endowed on him to facilitate his kingdom assignments. Praise God!

Own the Oneness!
From the start, Henson, sharing from Ephesians 3:20-4:16, exhorted us to keep as ONE. Although the promise of fullness is available to each individually, it is only in the context of the ekklesia that the FULLness of Christ can be realised and experienced.

The message to own the oneness was reinforced by an image Elaine saw. Pins were connected and held together by a thread. Like the pin, each Archippus has a part to do to stay connected. Then she saw God moving the pins around, and an image of a star was seen. Like stars that light up the dark night, we reveal Christ especially during these dark times.

Behold the Beyond

During Treasure Time on Day Two, we honoured those who look after the main streams of AA and prayed for the work of AA beyond.


Consistently, the Lord spoke through different ones that the way ahead will be one of new wine, new anointing and new adventures. We prayed for God to raise 70 local AAKOs (Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outposts), 70 overseas AAKOs and 70 Archippuses who shall see Archippus Awakening as their kingdom assignment (see Numbers 11:24)!

Beyond? Yes.

Beyond the meeting room where we assembled, we will continue to pray for this vision to come to pass. Beyond our assembly area, each Archippus in his or her area of influence shall awaken another Archippus, one at a time. As each one does his or her part, God will carry it beyond. The Lord had spoken through Christopher who received this verse for the retreat the morning before he came to Changi Cove:

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9


Love the Lord

But we really need to love the Lord, Henson exhorted us in the closing segment. The Lord is saying to Archippuses to love Him with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength. Will we love Him in abandonment or will our hearts be distracted by many things? Will we be led by feelings or will we be grounded in faith?

While preparing her heart for the retreat, Lisa heard the Lord asking her, “Will you fall in love with Me all over again?” As she was wondering how that looked like, she was immediately ushered into opportunities to reach out to others with words from the Holy Spirit. In blessing others, Lisa’s own heart has been blessed. Her adventure to love Jesus all over again has begun.

James, who travelled all the way from Sandakan to join us at the retreat, echoed all our sentiments when he said that he has come to understand what it means to be with like-minded Archippuses to #buildthearc – Archippuses assemble to spur one another on, then released into the areas of influence and we celebrate our stories, our struggles and our successes!

The Silent Retreat came and went but our hearts remain in FULLness. Thank You Lord. We treasure our time together, and we treasure You, our most precious Treasure.

2 thoughts on “Treasure Time!”

  1. Reading this post on thefirst Silent Retreat, my heart was greatly warmed and overwhelmed by the Awesomeness of our God once again. Tears stung my eyes as I reminisced the events that unfolded over the 3 days.
    Indeed we had found the “pearl of great price” and will diligently “treasure” it, not only in our hearts but to manifest the pearl to one and all.
    My heartfelt thanks to every Archippean who have together made it possible for all in KPI to treasure one another, and in building the arc.
    All glory to our God and King, Jesus! Amen.

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