"February 2017 became one of the favourite chapters of my Christian walk. I was awakened." – Delshe Tan

When I was invited by my friend Henry to an “Awakening Event”, I was not sure what I was in for. Then, Henry also quickly shared about the Archippus Awakening movement which even left me slightly curious, a tad clueless but definitely intrigued.

But I knew no one when I was there. You see, Henry who invited me to the event couldn’t be there because both he and his wife, Charlotte, had to attend to an emergency family affair. I knew deep down, they were concerned whether I’d be alright. I knew deep down inside me, I was part apprehensive and almost reluctantly wanted to convince myself to withdraw from attending.

But God knew best. He really knew. I found myself with no excuse bowing out of the event last minute. Being the usual independent and introverted me, I took things in stride. But people didn’t stop reaching out, knowing I was on my own. I remembered Pastor Henson giving me a warm handshake and assured me sincerely, I would have fun, I would not regret this.

And boy, was he right! The 3-day 2-night awakening event (AWE2017) found me new friends, renewed a faith I have been holding on for two and a half decades or so, and stirred my spirit. AWE2017 was not at all a coincidence. I was battling through one of the roughest periods in my life. I had brokenness in every single vein, heart and mind. The last thing I told God that I needed, was some evangelistic and preacher-ly call to make me commit to yet another ministry, and going through the motion, thinking it’s all part of the Christian’s or the believer’s roadmap to eternity.

I was parched and longing to recover and renew my love (vows) for Jesus. I wanted to find back that rawness of love I have had when I decided to take up the cross. I wanted to “mean business” with God – knowing that we all have shelf life here on Earth and being a believer is more than just being a Sunday Christian, a busy-with-ministry-after-ministry believer, praying-without-stir daughter of God. We can all get used going through the motion. We are all good at forming habits and becoming comfortable. But surely, being Christ-filled and led is more than just being comfortable?

Click image to view “Archippus Says”, a video review of AWE2017.

February 2017 soon became one of the favourite chapters of my Christian walk thus far. I was awakened. And I do not want to head back to being comfortable and contented. I want more. More of? His assignment/s for me. Responding sensitively to how I may align my heart and bearing a Kingdom perspective in what I do and how I will assemble or gather my resources to advance the assignment.

Changes started soon. I heeded a subtle calling I had for months and returned to help a former boss strengthen and structure a new season for the organisation. I found my heart quickened with excitement. A new lease of joy flooded me each day. I still face challenging moments (of course) but I have not hesitated to call upon Jesus to break bondages, silence the doubts and banish the fears. I fixed my eyes on my current assignment. And ask God each day to supply and provide me with wisdom, help, courage and joy.

I don’t know when I shall be called to head Home but I know for sure, I have been called to serve amongst the broken, helpless and vulnerable for now. I will look to God to be my Captain as I operationalise in my given area. We are all created and called for a Purpose. We are definitely not designed to just stay put, be unchallenged and drown our lives in the worldly allures without knowing what our assignment is.

Be awakened. Get aligned. And know your assignment.

Delshe Tan

Delshe is largely an introvert and only a functional extrovert. She loves the sun, sand and sea. She exercises regularly coz she loves to eat

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