Message of Archippus Awakening awarded "Michelin Star" by Mrs Dolly Chia

Agape Methodist Church Camp was the last of four camps this year. Although I was physically tired and stretched, the positive response of AMC members spurred me on. One dear sister, in particular, caught my attention. Mrs Dolly Chia sat in front and was very attentive throughout all the sessions. On the final morning, whilst we waited for our sunny side-ups at the egg station (we snapped the we-fie above), she conveyed her appreciation, sharing how she had been richly blessed by the teachings.

After the camp, Dolly submitted the following testimony of how the message of Archippus Awakening has impacted her, creatively giving it a “Michelin Star” status. Truly, regardless of age or the season we are in, we can all be Archippuses for Jesus – awakened, aligned & assigned! Praise the Lord! Cheering you on, Aunty Dolly!

I was blessed at our recent Agape Church Camp where a spread of nutritious food (God’s Word) was prepared by His servant, Pastor Henson Lim, for us to taste and savour.  All of them were unique and rarely found in churches these days. Pastor Henson displayed them in such a manner that entices my spiritual senses in wanting to taste and delight in their individual goodness.  As it turned out, the whole experience was nourishment to my soul, and a stimulant to keep me awake for His Kingdom’s sake. Without a doubt, Pastor Henson’s message brought depth as it engaged my heart and mind at a level that was conducive to discerning and knowing God’s plan and purpose for me, my so called assignments within His alignment.  It also helped me appreciate the subtle but important difference between Kingdom assignments and Christian activities so that my service to God would not be out of obligation but rather obedience to HIM.

Mrs Dolly Chia (with white scarf) responding to the altar call.

For that matter, I stepped forward during the altar call to receive God’s confirmation for what I have been doing and His ‘official’ assignments at the same time.  More than expected, He endowed me with Power to pursue His Purpose through the anointed Prayer by Pastor Henson which, unknown to me, was recorded by my fellow sister, Mrs Jennifer Lee.  Furthermore, I was able to share my take away lessons with my fellow church members, a family of 3, at a food court after church service the following day.  I saw the mother’s tearful face and her husband and NS son’s receptiveness of the message shared, though brief it was.
As restaurants are trying their utmost best to gain “Michelin-Star” status to promote their business and presence, Pastor Henson surpasses them all by preparing and presenting the most exquisite cuisine, in culinary parlance, which could stimulate the appetite to fulfil the Highest’s deepest desire.

To God be the Glory!

Mrs Dolly Chia
Agape Methodist Church

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