Team Archippus Takeaways: Kwee Lee & Lindsay

More than just going to Kidapawan City to serve and give, Team Archippus also learnt and received much. Be encouraged by their reflections as they moved on kingdom assignment for Jesus.

Lim Kwee Lee

Purihin Ang Panginoon! (Praise the Lord!)

Before the trip I was just thinking to help out logistically so that I know better how to help in future, hopefully in Japan! Of course in our meetups Ps Henson did mention we were to be ready to help in ministry. I was kind of not sure what to expect but guess should be alright. I was thrilled that this trip went beyond purposeful.

The Filipinos are so hungry & thirsty for the Lord. They received the AA message excitedly. Little did I know I would have an assignment to share His Word. I accepted it by faith not knowing what was it like in Philippines. It was hearthening to see the congregation not yawning but paying every attention to what I said. I also realised this during Ps Henson’s teaching during group discussion that many were clear in articulating their reflections and thoughts. I also didn’t know it could be such a refreshing experience for me to declare God’s words. I absorb God’s words alot but nothing like speaking out & declaring it. I felt the words were drilled much deeper in my inner self as well.

During the altar call, our Singapore team was expected to minister to those who responded. I was apprehensive as sometimes I felt inadequate while I am still undergoing healing myself. But then again, I believe it’s His grace extended to me to minister and just focus on Him. It gets better each time as I lay aside my weight and wait upon the Holy Spirit to lead me to pray over the sister or brother. I am grateful for this opportunity & experience. Many were ministered and I pray the Lord will continue to do His work in the Archippuses in Kidapawan. I was also very encouraged to see the youth fasting and in prayer.

Such wonderful examples especially when my church is also exhorting believers to go into time of prayer and fasting with more intensity this year. The Lord has prepared my heart indeed! I believe more wonderful and awesome things come out of Kidapawan to the rest of Philipines & globally as the church is in the right posture waiting for the Lord. The Lord will bring it to pass. It’s our team’s privilege to serve the AA message to the Filipinos and gathering them to alignment to do kingdom assignments for such a time like this.”

Lindsay Lim

“When I first heard about Archippus Awakening going to Kidawapan City for a two-day AA seminar coupled with an outreach opportunity during this trip, I sought the Lord whether He wanted me to be part of it. The thought of going for this trip has remained in my heart for quite some time and I finally decided to obey God and  make this my first mission trip.

All this while as a Christian, I have been asked to go for various mission trips but somehow I know deep within my heart I always want to be part of a ministry where I can share the same heartbeat with and be part of God’s work to edify and build up the Body of Christ through sharing of His Words and personal testimonies.

Looking back at my first mission trip, I know God has exceedingly and abundantly answered my prayer. Firstly, I am very blessed to travel with a group of Archippuses who are warhorses that are ever ready to  carry out whatever assignments we have been asked to do. There was such unity and love amongst us – from the preparation to the final stage of this trip.

Secondly, I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my journey of how I came out of the ‘hypergrace’ teaching as this is something very close to my heart.  This also allows me to share God’s faithfulness in my life.  (Truly thankful that Chief Archippus, Rev Henson, made a ‘last minute’ decision to ask me to share at the appropriate session when he was teaching on ‘Grace’.  I had told God before the trip I wanted to share at this particular session on ‘Grace’. Indeed  I marvel at how God has arranged everything for me!! ).

Thirdly, I am deeply amazed and encouraged by the Filipinos’ deep hunger for God and their readiness to embrace the Archippus Awakening message and how they immediately applied the teachings to their lives and ministries at Kidawapan City AG Church.  This was evidenced in all their sharing sessions when they shared passionately about the AA message and  the massive response at the end of each day’s ministry session. The same scene (the massive response to the AA message) was repeated at House of Praise AOG when Sis Kwee Lee, Bro Steven and myself were assigned to go there on Sunday morning. Never in my life have I prayed for so many Christians at a particular Sunday service.

Last but not least, I am touched by the hospitality, appreciation and simplicity  shown by  the Filipino Archippuses and brethren during the entire trip. They were always ready to give their best in their worship and service to our King, in taking care of our needs as visitors in their land and being the best Archippuses they know how. They have taught me to do likewise for the foreigners in my own land.

I look forward to more mission trips with fellow Archippuses  as and when the Lord prompts me to do so as I know many more need to be awakened, aligned and assigned in God’s kingdom.”

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