Charles Chin: A Wake Up Call Is Desperately Needed

My experience at AWE2017.2 has been good.

I was really well fed – both spiritually and physically – and well taken care of as the lessons, food and accommodation were all very good.

But what really spurred me at this Awakening Event was that everyone’s sharing was very real, genuine and intimate. Our sharing sessions even helped to encourage one another as we all go through very similar struggles of having a kingdom perspective.

All of us also expressed concern that kingdom perspectives are not evident in the Christian community, and a wake up call is desperately needed to the Body of Christ at large.

I saw the Holy Spirit at work at AWE2017.2. After what I have learnt and experienced over the weekend, I am challenged to really reach out to this world with a kingdom mindset.

Charles Chin, Christalite Methodist Chapel
I like to do rock climbing! I first heard Ps Henson in 2008 at our church camp.  His teaching spoke into my heart and I decided to attend AWE2017.2  so that I can strengthen the fundamentals of my Christian understanding.

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