Awakening Event: Bartley Christian Church Zone Camp 12-14 Jun 2015

The thought of having me speak at this zone camp first popped up when we met over dinner to discuss a Friday night teaching. That night, about one year ago, I shared a little about the mission of Archippus Awakening and there was an immediate interest amongst the leaders to bring this message to the zone. To them, it would be another regular zone camp, but for us, in Archippian language, we were praying towards an awakening event!

Across the next months, I had the opportunity to dialogue more with Zone Pastor Michael Chay and Camp Chairman Low Teck Keng. I really appreciated their partnership as they turned up for key Archippus Awakening initiatives like KINGDOM101 and more recently, the book commissioning of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS. Over another dinner in February, it was decided that the theme would be “LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS”. Back at Bartley Christian Church, they worked hard to encourage cell members to participate in this zone camp, supported by a team of intercessors that prayed fervently for all aspects. And to the glory of God, there was good response and we were all set for this 3D2N awakening event at Batam Harris Resort.

Desiring to make the most of this opportunity, the leaders planned a total of six sessions (an Introduction session and another five teaching sessions) – talk about a packed programme! After a fun-filled get-to-know-you session, we settled down for the serious stuff. I launched into the theme by challenging each one to consider how we are to be aware of what is taking place globally, how these are prophetic fulfilments, and how we are to rightly respond.

Yet, too often, the focus is usually on the typical end-times concerns of who the anti-Christ is, what is the mark of the beast, or when the rapture will take place. These are good questions, but the most important and critical question which many miss is, in my opinion, “Are you ready for the coming of the Lord?” This triggers the next question, “What determines our readiness?” And it might just surprise many believers that salvation is but one aspect, for when the Lord comes for us, it is our faithfulness to what He has assigned to us that determines our readiness.

With that as the backdrop, hearts were prepared to receive the message of Archippus Awakening. In the context of the last days, are we living rightly, knowing and fulfilling our God-given kingdom assignments? Across the next five sessions, the heartbeat of Archppus Awakening was presented, urging and provoking the saints to not only be awakened, but to be aligned that they may be assigned for God’s end-time move.

On the morning of the final session, during the time of worship, the word of the Lord came so strongly. I found myself weeping as I declared Psalm 95, imploring, “Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…” After the teaching, when the call was made for all who identify themselves as Archippuses to come to the ‘starting line’, the Lord moved many to respond. These were no longer satisfied to just be engaged in Christian activity – they wanted to know and fulfil their kingdom assignments!

For this assignment, I was assisted by Linda Yong and Jenny Sutanto, supported by the entire Lim Tribe. Each played a significant role whether worship leading, playing the guitar, being the projectionist or camera man, releasing a word of knowledge, manning the book table or as in the case of my wife Serene, just being there with me and looking after the needs of Deborah Hope and Anna Joy!

To Pastor Mike and Elder Teck Keng, we are thankful for your partnership and also for the opportunity to serve Bartley Christian Church through the ministry of Archippus Awakening. We give all praise and thanks to the Lord for His grace and enablement. Truly, we can do nothing apart from Him! We are thankful for all who prayed for us as we were on assignment for the Lord. Our hearts are filled with joy as we see Archippuses awakened, aligned and assigned!

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