Archippus Awakening Turns Five, Enters the Next Lap.

On 3 August 2014, Archippus Awakening was formally launched and announced. It is affectionately referred to as a “birth event” because 3 August is exactly 40 weeks from the day I received the message of Archippus Awakening on 27 October 2013 through a little-known verse in Paul’s epistle to the Colossians:

And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfil it.”

Colossians 4:17

In a blink of an eye, Archippus Awakening turns five today. Whilst there are many milestones to celebrate, there is no greater celebration than that of the Lord’s grace and faithfulness.

Taking some time to flip though my journal entries – prior to the birth event, and after – I noticed that the most repeated phrase was “I don’t know!” I didn’t know how things would turn out, what needed to be done, where the ministry was headed. This was definitely not the preferred mode of operation for a planner like me! Yet, the Lord was teaching and training this horse to trust Him – totally.

Looking back, there is no doubt that God was in control of everything (and still is). All we had to do was to listen and discern, to step forward by faith and in obedience. To date, this has resulted in two books (Say To Archippus & Alignment Check), six AWEs (our very own Awakening Event), 94 kingdom teachings of KINGDOM101, three groups of Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP), supported by more than 60 monthly sessions of Kingdom Prayer Initiative (KPI). Fulfilling our mission to serve the Body of Christ, the Archippus Awakening message has been declared to many churches and organisations across various platforms (services, camps, retreats, seminars, conferences) and the nations.

Were there misses and mistakes? Of course! Today, we understand these as misalignments that are revealed on assignment, God’s gracious means of helping us realign with Him and with one another.

AWE2019 26-28 July 2019 Swiss-Belhotel Harbourbay Batam

Yet, more than just numbers and the listing of events, the greatest joy is to see Archippuses awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom – this is what Archippus Awakening is all about. Understandably, this is much harder to track. We just trust that as we do our part, God will more than do His to enable many to be on assignment for Him. And thankfully, we are beginning to witness more and more of such Archippian stories.

Although I am the main voice to carry and declare the message of Archippus Awakening, it has been very heartening to see how the Lord has led many more to co-labour with me across these five years. Each day, I give thanks to the Lord for each and every one of these faithful brothers and sisters, fellow soldiers (Philemon 2).

Presently, I believe we are in a preparatory phase for what’s up ahead – the next lap of this Archippian race. There has been an air of expectation amongst those serving on Team Archippus: something is brewing and we need to be ready. It seems that there will be another launching of sorts, and soon. What it is, how and when, I don’t know (sounds familiar?).

All I know is that the work of Archippus Awakening has grown beyond the capability and capacity of one man. And God is raising even more Archippuses to go wider and deeper, to build the arc. As I wrote in the final chapter of Alignment Check:

It became clear to me that Archippus Awakening is to be both a voice of awakening and also a vessel for the awakened – like-minded kingdom soldiers of Jesus Christ. To be sure, this spiritual arc is not for housing, holding or hiding the saints, but for preserving, preparing and posturing Archippuses for their kingdom appointments and assignments. The building of the arc is not about yet another organisation or institution. It is not about church buildings, structures or denominations. In fact, it goes beyond such classifications and limitations! As with all things kingdom, the arc is spiritual and dynamic. The arc contains what the Lord brings into it, and yet cannot contain what the Lord will do through and out of it.

Chapter 45: Build the Arc, Alignment Check, pp304-305

We give thanks and praise to the Lord for five years of Archippus Awakening! Although I joke often that this is an I-don’t-know ministry, I am so thankful that it is also a Lord-You-know one.

As I close this anniversary reflection, I want to honour all Archippuses who have served on Team Archippus over the past five years – THANK YOU for your prayers and partnership! It is not possible to feature every Archippus in this post. As such, let me leave you with a photo gallery of some who served sacrificially at our most recent Awakening Event, AWE2019. Let’s continue to build the arc together for the glory of Jesus and His kingdom. SALUTE!

Blessed 5th Anniversary, Archippus Awakening! To God be the glory!

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