Our Own "Awakened. Aligned. Assigned." Seminar 3 Dec 2016

We had prayed and prepared over the past four months. Along the way, the Lord encouraged us, declaring that as Archippus Awakening entered the third year, He would lead us into a season of spaciousness. We were to boldly sound the trumpet, to rally the people, and to share the message of Archippus Awakening. Yes, it’s our turn to invite the churches for our very own “Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.” Seminar.

The day finally arrived!

That morning, pre-dawn showers cooled the day. TEAM ARCHIPPUS arrived at 7:30am, took to their stations, ready to serve the seminar registrants. Slowly but surely, the sanctuary of Sengkang Methodist Church filled up. The final tally was 309, representing 84 churches.

The seminar commenced punctually at 9am with opening praise and worship led by Pastor Susheel and team. After that, the emcee for the event, Lay Leng, stepped up to welcome everyone, engaging all participants with a fun wefie-hashtag activity. She then invited Rev Lawrence Lee (Senior Pastor, Glad Tidings Church) to deliver the Opening Address.

Across five sessions, Henson shared the message of Archippus Awakening: ANOTHER AWAKENING, STAYING AWAKE, WHAT’S IN A NAME?, ALIGNMENT CHECK & FINISH THE RACE. These teachings were interspersed with testimonies by Mylene Lee, Tan Lay Leng, Albert Liang, Tay Li Shing and Ngui Jar Lin, as they shared their own Archippian challenges and journeys.

Over the morning tea and lunch breaks, participants had the opportunity to fellowship and interact with one another. It was truly heartwarming to see the Body of Christ come together with a common purpose of the kingdom of God!

At the end of the final session, an altar call was made, challenging participants to respond to what they had heard throughout the day. There was little hesitation as many came forward, clearly awakened with a desire to be aligned that they may be assigned for Jesus and His kingdom.

With that, Rev Lek Yong Teck (Pastor-In-Charge, Sengkang Methodist Church) shared Closing Remarks before praying for all and pronouncing the benediction. The seminar ended on time, with 10mins to spare!

Feedback has been positive and very encouraging:

  • “Clear and concise teaching by Rev Henson is greatly appreciated.”
  • “The whole seminar resonates within me. Every session speaks to me in its own way…”
  • “It has opened up my eyes of understanding. I have a fuller knowledge now on who Archippus is and what it means.”
  • “I am reminded that I am important in God’s sight even though the whole world sees me as nothing to them and being ignored by many.”
  • “Pastor Henson’s delivery of the message is clear and easy to understand. It makes me understand what my purpose in God’s kingdom is and to live kingdom.”
  • “Seminar is lively, true facts and practical …”

And how would they encourage others to come for the next seminar?

  • “No regret. Die Die must hear.”
  • “Don’t miss this opportunity! It has been a great blessing to me and I’m sure it will be for you too.”
  • “Strongly urge those who need to be awakened to go for the seminar.”
  • “All in leadership positions need to hear this message.”
  • “This is not a feel good seminar but it’s going to be a seminar that awakens you and leave you with practical handles to do something about your life.”

All praise and glory belongs to the Lord! We are so thankful for His leading and grace!
To all who served on TEAM ARCHIPPUS, thank you! Although from different churches, when the call was made, the team assembled and worked together so beautifully and sacrificially. Special thanks to Rev Lek Yong Teck for readily offering Sengkang Methodist Church as a venue. We appreciate the partnership and participation of SKMC.


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