Awakening Event: Glad Tidings Church "Made for More" Camp 10-12 June 2016

My first engagement with Glad Tidings Church was two years ago when I was invited to speak at their 2014 camp, “Beyond Mediocrity”. The message of Archippus Awakening (although still at a developmental stage) was very well received and that paved the way for what I believe is a kingdom partnership today. I am indeed very honoured and privileged to be invited back so soon to share at their family camp again.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to discover that the theme verse would be Colossians 4:17, supporting the camp theme, “Made for More”. Since the 2014 camp, the leaders of Glad Tidings Church have been extremely supportive of Archippus Awakening, affirming our ministry every step of the way, believing that this is a word in season for the Body of Christ. To this end, I am very encouraged to see them adopt our ministry’s key verse as their own, with a deep desire that each of their members would be awakened as Archippuses, knowing and fulfilling their God-given kingdom assignments!

Over the weekend of 10-12 June, 179 Gladtidians (English congregation) assembled at Thistle Hotel, JB, one of their largest turnouts for church camps. There was a sense of excitement as each came expecting to receive the “more” the Lord has prepared for them. For me, I was just thankful to be used by the Lord, to be a part of the Gladtidian journey. By the Lord’s grace and with His strength, I challenged the campers through six messages:

  1. Awakened to More
  2. Barriers to More
  3. Aligned for More I
  4. Aligned for More II
  5. Build for More
  6. Graced for More

It was so encouraging to note everyone’s attentiveness through each teaching session, their engagement during the times of discussion, and their response to the altar call. I believe Archippuses were awakened at this camp. Many were made aware of the importance of checking alignment as they sought to be faithful in what God has assigned to them. Praise the Lord!

Although I was physically stretched across the short but intense weekend, I also experienced the warmth and hospitality of this lovely community. I was very well looked after by everyone who took turns to host me.  Special thanks to Senior Pastor Lawrence Lee and Pastor Eddy Chan (and their lovely wives & families) for their love, friendship and partnership in the work of the kingdom. I firmly believe that Glad Tidings Church is poised for something more as they look forward to their 60th Anniversary next year. What a privilege and joy for me, through Archippus Awakening, to have been allowed to feature in a small part of what God is going to do through this awesome assembly of Archippuses!


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