Noelle Selvadurai: AWE2017.2 Was God’s Appointed Time For Me

The weekend was God’s appointed time for me. It was a blessing to be amongst people who understood that God is calling us to build His Kingdom; that it isn’t about a church or organisation but each of us fulfilling our God-given assignments.

I was blessed by the messages at AWE2017.2. As much as they resonated within me, there was so much learning and realisation taking place. I was reminded that the assignment should not be more than my relationship with the Father. I remembered moments in the past when the relationship had suffered due to the time taken for the assignment. I had rationalised that since the assignment was from God, it was okay. God had already been speaking to me about this, so this reminder was timely.

The segment on ‘Refinement’ specifically ministered to me, especially in understanding the sequence of repentance>restoration>refinement and all that each area entails. It helped me make sense of my own journey.

I was blessed too when God spoke to me rather unexpectedly through a sister. Part of it was something God had spoken to me some time back, four years exactly. Having it repeated not only confirms what I heard back then but also encourages me to press on and persevere.

Noelle Selvadurai, St Andrew’s Cathedral
Noelle is a passionate educator with more than twenty years in service. She has specific responsibility for character and citizenship development. She has also served for many years in the SundaySchool ministry.

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