SAY TO ARCHIPPUS Book Commissioning: The Lord Answered By Fire!

To God be the glory!
To God be the glory!
To God be the glory!
For the things He has done, He has done!

This was the song that kept ringing in my heart as we prepared for the commissioning of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS. Amidst the many details to look into, all I could declare was the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness.

It all began on 1 January 2014, the day I officially stepped down as a pastor in a local congregation. While praying for me, a sister saw “…a book opened to blank chapter…God’s hand holding a pen…God is ready to write…” Two weeks later, I entered into my cave time to seek the Lord and to write down what He would show me about Archippus Awakening. On 2 February, after service, another sister said that when she looked my way, she heard the Lord say, “books will be written.”

On 3 June, after I preached at a marketplace fellowship, a sister updated me that when she read about my stepping down in January, she prayed for me and saw “a nib of a fountain pen.” Unknown to her, I had already completed the draft ‘manifesto’ for Archippus Awakening and these provided good preaching and teaching material as I shared about this new assignment.

On 23 August, I shared a book project with the prayer team and we began committing this to the Lord. Admittedly, in my heart, I still wondered if a book was really in God’s plan for us. As I waited upon Him, the manuscript was updated and organised.

When we crossed into the new year, I was invited to a meeting on 3 January 2015. To my surprise, Serene and I were called out and prophesied over. We received words of encouragement which affirmed the impending launch of KINGDOM101 in March. And then, the pastor spoke these words over me, “I see a book coming out of your spirit man!” Along with that, the Lord said not to worry about how to distribute or how copies would be sold. Just get it out!

This was one time I could not claim immediate obedience to the Lord’s prompting. It would be a few months later, on 18 April to be exact, that I finally announced to the prayer team that we were going ahead with the publication of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS. We laid hands on the manuscript and committed the process to the Lord. As we did that, a sister saw a bright light and horses charging forward. [To understand the significance of horses, you’ll have to read Chapter 4 of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS.]

When the button was pressed, the Lord directed and moved so quickly. I still stand amazed at how smooth the entire process was from start to end. Within six weeks, the book was published! Even more amazing was how we announced and organised the commissioning event in two weeks! What we intended as a simple meeting was expanded by the Lord Himself. On the day I approved the final artwork at the printers, I received a request from the landlord to move to a larger room on 27 May. Simply put, the Lord upgraded us!

That night, the hall was filled with brothers and sisters who made time to stand with us as we commissioned SAY TO ARCHIPPUS. It was a time of celebration as we acknowledged all who had faithfully attended and completed Phase I of KINGDOM101. We gave thanks and asked the Lord to prepare us towards PHASE II starting 8 July. After that, I introduced the book and its contents, giving praise and glory to the Lord, recognising His grace and favour upon the project. The prayer team stood with me as we prayed over the books. I was later told that someone saw the books aglow, another saw the books on fire, and yet another saw angels distributing the books all over the earth. This was indeed significant as the room we were upgraded to was Mount Carmel Room, and I believe that night, with the books all neatly stacked up, we built an altar to the Lord and He promptly answered by fire! Our prayer is that hearts will be set on fire for the Lord as the book is read.

To the glory of God, the response to SAY TO ARCHIPPUS was overwhelming. Sales was brisk and I was privileged to sign the books. We closed that night with more than 60% of the print run sold! Who would have thought that was possible?! Indeed, our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask for imagine! Yet, beyond numbers, my prayer remains that many will be awakened and raised up as Archippuses who will know and fulfil their God-given assignments. How and when? – only the Lord knows. For now, I give thanks and praise to God for He deserves our highest worship! He has shown us over and over again – if we would listen, obey and do our part, He will more than do His, for He is indeed a faithful God!

To all who came and purchased the books, THANK YOU for standing with us and being a part of the Archippus Awakening journey. May the books be a blessing to you and to all who are presented with a copy. Above all, may you be stirred and awakened to catch the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening that you may participate in what the Lord is doing in these final hours. To God be the glory!

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