Into the 7th Year We Go

Birthdays are always special. They remind us that we did nothing to be born. Somehow, for some reason, we exist. For a purpose that is way higher than we can possibly understand.

Today is Archippus Awakening’s birthday. Our sixth.

As I pen this reflection, I find my heart overwhelmed. Memories of when it all began flood my mind. First, the excitement at the conception of such a message. How quickly that gave way to fear. Me? Who am I? How will it turn out?

I remember feeling like a first-time parent all over again. This time, like an expectant mother. You know a life is growing within you. But you have no idea how it would look like and how it would totally change your life. And yet, deep within, you are totally convicted that this is of the Lord. From the Lord. For a purpose that is way higher than what you can imagine. Or handle.

On 3 August 2014, Archippus Awakening was birthed. We celebrated. We praised the Lord. We prayed. We dedicated. What next? No one knew. Only the One who brought forth Archippus Awakening – God.

Almost immediately, doors opened. One by one. Seminars. Camps. Retreats. Awakening Events (AWEs). KINGDOM101. Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP). Books (Say To Archippus & Alignment Check). The Lord also brought kingdom-minded brothers and sisters to rally and serve alongside one another. One by one.

Like a little child growing up, we took baby steps, stumbling and fumbling along the way. There were many lessons – some painful ones – which we had to take in our stride. We received lots of advice, all well-meaning, but not all relevant or appropriate. Yes, the kingdom is upside-down and we had to learn that first-hand for ourselves (and still learning). Through it all, the grace of God – oh, where would we be if not for His grace?

Today, Archippus Awakening is six years old. I could recount and detail all the achievements, but I won’t. Only one thing needs to be mentioned that it may serve as a stark and important reminder as we enter our 7th year.

Archippus Awakening did nothing to be born. We exist because God wants to accomplish His purpose through this humble initiative. Archippus Awakening is not the product of my creativity or ingenuity. It was the Lord who spoke and planted the seed through Colossians 4:17. In the same way, it is the Lord who will bring Archippus Awakening forward according to His ways and in His timing. Our part is always to remain sensitive to His voice and leading. And to obey. That we may fulfil all He has assigned to us.

And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfil it.”

Colossians 4:17

Birthdays are always special. Yet, more than just celebrating another year that has gone by, we celebrate the One who gave and gives life. Archippus Awakening did nothing to be born. If the Lord wills, we will have another birthday. If not, my prayer is that we would have done what we were meant to do, in the time that the Lord has ordained for us to do it.

Blessed 6th Birthday, Archippus Awakening!

We give all thanks and praise to Jesus our King, the One who has appointed and assigned us. I also take this opportunity to honour all Archippuses, fellow soldiers, who have aligned with this kingdom assignment and are serving sacrificially alongside me. I thank God for each and every one of these who have cheered me on with their prayers, support, comfort and encouragement over these six years. SALUTE! May the Lord allow us to reach many more Archippuses that these may be awakened, aligned and assigned for Him and His kingdom. Let’s continue to #buildthearc together. To God be all glory and praise!

Into the 7th year we go. #iamarchippus #entirelybyhisgrace

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