KINGDOM101: How has the journey been so far?

First, it was the Introductory Session on 4 Feb where 101 attended; and then, the start of the journey on 18 March. To date, we have completed five sessions of KINGDOM101 and are now having a short pit-stop this Wednesday before we resume on 29 April.

So how has it been so far?

In terms of numbers, we have averaged 70 per session. Of these, my estimate by observation is that about 60-65% form the regular core. The remaining 35-40% are those who turn up as and when they are able to. By all counts, the numbers are good. That said, since we have a booked a room that can accommodate 120-130, we are believing for an increase as KINGDOM101 progresses.

Beyond those I know and recognise, it has been very encouraging to see new faces each week. This shows that participants are getting something out of the sessions and are willing to invite their friends along. What’s more, I am thrilled to see ‘representatives’ from different local churches. I’ve always said that when believers from different communities come together, we get to see a glimpse of what the Body of Christ is truly like and also experience a taste of what kingdom community is all about. It is my sincere desire and prayer that along this journey, friendships will be forged for kingdom connections and participation to increase.

Each week, I make it a point to remind all not to merely come for yet another bible study. There are plenty of such offerings in Singapore and the last thing anyone needs is more teaching per se. Unabashedly, my agenda is that those who come will be duly awakened to affirm themselves as Archippuses that these may be aligned with the Lord and His kingdom, and receive their kingdom assignments. To this end, before the message is delivered from the book of Matthew, the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening is shared so that focus is maintained.

Across the five Wednesdays, the topics presented were “Meet Matt”, “All in the Family”, “Mess & Messiah”, “Name Calling” and “Go the Distance”. [Links to these audio recordings can be found at KINGDOM101 Teachings] As I outlined in “Expository Preaching: What Was I Thinking?“, it has been hard work. There is little opportunity to totally rest, given other ministry engagements over the weekend, and before you know it, it is time to pray and prepare for the next message on Wednesday. The challenge and struggle notwithstanding, it has also been extremely rewarding. Take it from a preacher-teacher: nothing spurs us on more than to see eyes opened and hearts stirred by the Lord as the word of the kingdom is declared.

But don’t simply take it from me. See what these have to say about their KINGDOM101 experience:

“Thank GOD through KINGDOM101, I am reminded simply that seeking GOD, His Kingdom & righteousness would mean spiritually be Awakened, for the purpose of being Aligned with the WORD taught by the HOLY SPIRIT, and then knowing & doing my Kingdom Assignment. I realise at the end of the day, it is to be like JESUS, bringing Glory to GOD the FATHER! Thank you, Rev Henson!” Catherine Chan

“Henson is anointed to deliver his messages with God’s wisdom and revelation in a very clear and precise manner. He brings the Word in a convicting yet gracious manner that awakens those who are in slumber. His balance between the Spirit and the Word makes his insights invaluable. Not only will you be inspired but also instructed to align and receive your assignment wholeheartedly.” Eunice Ang

“This end time message of being awakened, aligned and assigned resonates deeply within my spirit because the gospel of the kingdom needs to be spread with even more urgent fervor. I have been truly blessed by this expository teaching on Matthew.” Anna D’Souza

“KINGDOM101 opened up our spiritual eyes and ears such that for the first time in our lives, we have an appreciation of not only the genealogy of our Lord Jesus, but also the true meaning of His name and the powerful and wonderful attributes associated with His name. Additionally, we are now keenly aware of the need to be aligned with God and hence the importance of focusing on things that He wants us to do instead of what we want to do for Him.” Garry & Lay See

“Jesus began to preach..’Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Grateful I was awakened to be aligned to the call that Kingdom is not activity but assignment. Being an Archippus is purposeful and not aimless. Thank you, Rev Henson!” Christie Tan
“Archippus Awakening is the place where you can discover your call and find your destiny. Thanks, Pastor Henson, for your insightful teaching!” David Wong

I really cannot ask for more. Each week, I see the grace and faithfulness of God upon every aspect of KINGDOM101. I am so thankful for the brothers and sisters who help out in various roles. Once the room is opened, the chairs are arranged, the reception tables are set up, a team of intercessors begin praying, the audio & visual needs are adjusted as the worship set is being rehearsed. Through these, the Lord is showing me that He is with Archippus Awakening, and He will continue to bring more to align themselves with the vision of what this ministry intends to achieve.

And yet, I will ask for more! In my heart, I know that this is only the beginning. It’s only been five weeks and we are ready to continue with the next five: 29 April, 6, 13, 20 & 20 May. At the same time, we are already planning for KINGDOM101 PHASE II, another 18 sessions from July to November. Along the way, there are other Awakening Events that are being considered, as well as a process of alignment that will help those awakened towards their assignments.

Indeed, it has been an encouraging start. And yet, the journey continues with new discoveries and challenges along the way. As such, I boldly covet your prayers as I do your participation. Pray for me and all who have committed to be on this KINGDOM101 journey to know the King, embrace the kingdom and receive their assignments. Better yet, consider joining us at KINGDOM101. I’d love to welcome you onboard this exciting adventure that we may serve the Lord together through our kingdom assignments!

For dates and details, please visit KINGDOM101.

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