What's So Great About Being Awake?

I’d be the first to admit. The word “awakening” is not original at all. It’s been around for centuries, used so often that it has become part of Christian-speak and jargon. That explains why I was not exactly thrilled when this word was dropped into my heart just over a year ago.

Awakening? Ya, right, Lord. Been there. Done that. Preached that too. But a word from the Lord is not to be disregarded at all. It’s not about being original, but relevant; and obedient.

In this past year, as I bring the message of Archippus Awakening to different congregations and settings, it is very clear that the Body of Christ is in need of another awakening. But that is not the end; it is only the beginning. Some have the impression that it is difficult to awaken someone. I beg to differ. In fact, by the enablement of the Holy Spirit, the task of awakening is really quite simple. Just preach the Word and His Kingdom without compromise and God promptly awakens His people.

However, what happens after the awakening is a totally different matter. The one awakened has a decision to make now: To stay awake or to go back to sleep? To move in accordance to God’s ways or to stay stuck in old habits? To pursue and to seek or to do nothing at all? To promptly engage in Christian activity or to persistently discover kingdom assignment?

Whilst God is the One who awakens, how the believer responds after being awakened depends on him! Unfortunately, this is not quite as obvious or apparent. Consequently, I fear that awakenings have become just another offering of Christian programming or activity! We come together, jolt one another awake, get excited with how good the experience was, praise the Lord, and then go back to status quo. Then we come together again, and repeat the entire process.

If we are not careful, Archippus Awakening could well fall into the same deceptive trap! It is, after all, about “awakening the saints…” hence my Facebook post as a reminder to myself and to others:

“Always, always remember that an awakening is only the first step towards the next steps that God has prepared for you.”

Let us not forget the second part: “…that they might know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments.” Please understand this, dear Archippus: To be awakened does not mean having heard a message of awakening and agreeing with it. You can remain in slumber and still nod sleepily in agreement. Do not be deceived. The one who is truly awakened is he who begins to diligently seek to know what God has in store for him and responds to fulfil his assignment with obedience.

Through the course of this first developmental year, it became so clear that the process may begin with an awakening, but it cannot stop there. As such, Archippus Awakening will strive to provide the environment, community and tools necessary to help those awakened to come into alignment with God, His Kingdom, His Word and His Ways. This alignment is critical and necessary that one can be rightly postured and positioned to receive his or her kingdom assignment.


So…what’s so great about being awake? Nothing, if all you have is another emotional experience but remain just as clueless about the purposes of the Kingdom and how you fit in. May the Lord help us all as we prepare to serve the Body of Christ to raise Archippuses … awakened, aligned and assigned.

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