2014: A Year of Baby Steps

This is the time when people all over the world take stock of a year that has gone by possibly all too quickly. I am prompted to do the same for Archippus Awakening and I invite you to review and reflect with me.

It was in October 2013 when the Lord first laid the word of “awakening” in my heart and later clarified it with Col 4:17 that it is to be an Archippus Awakening. After releasing my pastoral duties, I went into a period (Jan-Mar) I affectionately refer to as my “cave time“. I devoted these three months to praying and putting down thoughts about Archippus Awakening, developing a manifesto, as it were. In the first week of April, the Lord told me that it was time to openly declare this new ministry.

That was about the time this website was launched and today, we have attracted more than 15,000 hits. The objectives are two-fold: firstly, this website is to provide information and details about Archippus Awakening; secondly, as and when I am prompted to write, I will contribute Kingdom articles and ministry updates. Here are some titles for your easy reference, and I will pray that you will be blessed and edified as you peruse them:

The biggest highlight must be the Birth Event of Archippus Awakening on 3 Aug (watch Birth Video). Like a first-time daddy all over again, I introduced Archippus Awakening to family and friends without a clue of the next steps. The Lord wasted no time and in a couple of months, we had the opportunity to host Amir Tsarfati at our very first open Awakening Event, “The Beginning of the End”, on 1 Oct. With just a one-month publicity lead-time, we experienced the Lord’s grace and favour through the registrations and attendance.

A word of thanks and appreciation must be recorded for the faithful intercessors who gather month after month since May to pray for me and Archippus Awakening. For sure, every Kingdom initiative must be birthed and sustained through prayer. In the words of the late Dr Myles Munroe, “If we want God to keep on interfering, we need to keep praying. Prayer is serious business. When we pray we are communicating with a divine government for whom we are ambassadors.” It is my desire and intention to extend this private prayer group into a public one some time in the new year, to be aptly named, KPI, which stands for Kingdom Prayer Initiative.

It may not seem like much but looking back, quite a lot has taken place. This may not be readily apparent to many but as a building requires strong and deep foundations, embedded and unnoticed, I sense that is what the Lord has led us to focus on in these developmental months of Archippus Awakening. Yes, it has been a year of baby steps. Even so, these are still steps taken by faith as directed by the Lord. With these steps and eyes on Jesus, we will cross into the new year of 2015, into fresh Kingdom initiatives to be announced very soon (hint, hint…).

Together with all who are co-labouring with me at Archippus Awakening, I invite you to join us in this movement:

  1. As a first step, read the Archippus Affirmation to understand what an Archippus stands for. And as you identify and affirm yourself as one, drop me an email at archippusawakening@gmail.com as a personal pledge of commitment (it’d greatly encourage me too).
  2. Pray for me and for Archippus Awakening as we seek the Lord for the right steps and strategy, His power and provision, as well as Kingdom connections in the new year.
  3. Stay in touch by subscribing to this website to receive articles and updates directly in your inbox.
  4. LIKE our Facebook Page and help us spread the word to your friends and contacts across social media (yes, even those overseas).
  5. Share Archippus Awakening with your friends and with as many who need to be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His Kingdom!

2014 has been a very significant year for Archippus Awakening. The Lord has been so gracious and so faithful! Thanks to all who have supported us in one way or another. We now look forward to 2015 where there are new challenges to overcome, new frontiers to conquer and new ground to occupy for the Kingdom of God. The time is short and the days are urgent. May every moment be lived purposefully for Jesus and for His glory! Amen!

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