Sengkang Methodist Church Camp 11-14 June 2023

I was booked to speak at Sengkang Methodist Church‘s (SKMC) Camp but COVID-19 disrupted those plans. In the Lord’s timing, it would be June 2023.

As a bilingual camp, I had another opportunity to co-labour with Wai Yee, the Chinese translator of both books. Together with Serene, we served the saints of SKMC at KSL Hotel in Johore Bahru. Over four theme talks, the Archippus Awakening message was declared once more.

In preparation, under the leadership of Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey – pastor-in-charge – the pastoral team made special effort to go through Say To Archippus, to familiarise themselves with the AA message. Their involvement and alignment enabled the message to go further and deeper, as evidenced through the devotional material for campers and how the Prayer & Praise session was conducted.

I was personally very blessed by SKMC’s Special Needs Ministry – Ohana Ministry. It started out as an effort for special needs children. However, as these grew into adulthood, it evolved and developed into what it is today – with a special programme for these at the camp.

After one of the theme talk sessions, a parent stepped up to me and said, “Now I know what my kingdom assignment is.” – and he pointed to his adult special needs son next to him. I was so moved in my heart; and so thankful that the Lord used the AA message to encourage and affirm this father. May the AA message help many more parents bring kingdom influence into their special needs children’s lives as they move purposefully with kingdom perspectives on their kingdom assignments.

Beyond the theme talks, discussion time was extremely encouraging too. It was heartwarming to see the campers discuss and process intently and seriously – each one desiring to be awakened, aligned and assigned. Interacting with the campers, the feedback was very positive, with many appreciating the clarity of the messages as well as the relevance and urgency of this clarion call.

Read the following takeaways and testimonies and give glory to the Lord:

The theme talks helped me to take stock of God’s kingdom assignments (both corporate and individual) for me. I am reminded to re-align with God; reflect on my relationship with Him, stop procrastinating and to re-prioritize my time.

Elton Loh

I want to be an AAA follower of Jesus Christ. Never too old to run the race and I want to finish it well – to continue to run God’s amazing race with God’s amazing grace.

Choy Fong

I am thankful that God revealed twice that my AA starts from home. I know it’s going to challenge my endurance to stay awake but with God’s help and the rest of the Archippus’ cheering each other, I believe we can faithfully finish the race together.

Sock Ping

God clearly desires His people to fulfil their kingdom assignment(s). I am more assured after listening to Rev Henson that God will empower us to fulfil them. Also, I feel that the ‘fear’ of not knowing or doing kingdom purpose will compel me to seek God even more to find out.


God has placed a burden in me as a parent with a special needs child to reach out to pre-believing parents with special needs children. I have reached out to some caregivers. Some are open but some not. Not to be discouraged. All I need is to plant the seed and depend on our Lord.

Linda Ang

I appreciate the speaker’s talks. I’ve learned the value of each Christian’s task and the need to go forth and do God’s work. The talks are incredibly relevant to me because they remind us of why we live and how to complete God’s works. I pray that the Holy Spirit works in us and assists us in carrying out His plan. So that when our time comes, we can all be like Paul and say, “We have finished our race, we have completed His works.” Amen!

Serene Low

Rev Henson’s purposeful introduction to put the message’s context of us living in the 11th hour set the stage and prepared the hearts to what may otherwise reduce to one participating in yet another Christian activity. Each session culminated to the point where we all responded standing shoulder to shoulder ready to receive God’s assignment together as a church. I will never forget this moment. It is easy to get absorbed into running activities in church, even with the best intention of heart. When constantly mindful to stay out of the rat-race and persevere in the right race, I believe we will all hear God’s voice clearer, both in our corporate and individual assignments. Just as John the Baptist made straight the path for our Lord, I sense Archippus Awakening playing the same role to jolt us back to the path of righteousness that our Lord has set before us. By His Great Mercy and Grace, we are blessed indeed. Thank you Archippus Awakening. Thank you, Jesus!


I give thanks and praise for the opportunity to play a small part in SKMC’s journey. More than just another camp, my prayer is that the message will be brought back to SKMC’s church life and each Archippus’ individual walks with the Lord. Through these, that the AA message will reach even more – those who were not able to join us at camp. And together, both corporate and personally, that kingdom assignments will be discovered and fulfilled to the glory of Jesus and His kingdom. May the Lord lead SKMC forward in their next lap of 30 years.

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