NAVIGATE: Checking Alignment & Fulfilling Assignments In Uncertain Times


AWE2024: NAVIGATE was held from 12-14 April 2024. To mark Archippus Awakening’s 10th year, it was held in Singapore at Changi Cove. Despite the challenges of holding it in Singapore, we managed to offer the 3D 2N event in attractive and affordable packages so that more can be a part of this event. Totally because of the Lord’s provision.

This year’s theme and focus was NAVIGATE: Checking Alignment & Fulfilling Assignments In Uncertain Times.

After all, post-pandemic, the only certainty is that things have become even more uncertain. God’s people therefore need to know how to navigate these challenges well so that we do not miss all the Lord has for us.


AWE is a 3D2N assembly of kingdom saints with a common desire to be awakened aligned & assigned for Jesus.

And depending on where you are on your own journey, AWE can be 

…an Awakening WeekEnd
…an Aligning WeekEnd
…an Assigning WeekEnd

Each AWE is different because the dynamics are entirely dependent on those who come and what each of us brings to the table. What one may be going through when one first signed up may be very different from what one is going through now during AWE. And if one brings friends along, they will also change how one experiences it at a different level. This is why we often have repeat attendees.

This year, we had participants from 11 nations representing 91 churches. Almost one-third were repeat attendees.

It was a packed full 3 days, 2 nights worth of teaching, prayer and worship, fellowshipping and processing our kingdom assignments with kingdom-minded saints.

The Programme

Because we have the privilege of holding AWE in Singapore we saved on travel time and were able to get a head start in the day’s programme.

It was lovely to see many Archippuses connecting and re-connecting with each other: Archippuses coming together with the same mindset of meeting with our King at the event.

The mornings of AWE2024 had Henson taking the participants through the A-R-E-A framework of the Alignment Check.

Afternoons were reserved for the 2 forums. Day 1’s forum covered how Alignment Matters. We heard from David, Joyce and Ps Dan with Christina moderating the session.

Day 2’s forum covered Navigating On Assignment. Moderated by Cindy, it had Bryan (Marriage and Family), Jeremy and Janet (Mental Health), and Cliff (Youths and Young Adults) sharing how they navigated challenges and doubts while on their kingdom assignments.

One thing that was new at AWE2024 was the invitation of speakers for the night sessions. Timothy Weerasekera helped us understand how technology and AI impact our kingdom assignments, while Rev Tan Soo Inn shared his experience in building kingdom-minded partnerships.


It would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the prayer covering over the event, right from the start. Prayer has always been at the heart of Archippus Awakening which saw the setting up of KPI – Kingdom Prayer Initiative back in May 2014, even before Archippus Awakening was officially launched.

This is where a group of Archippuses, convicted about the importance and power of prayer would come together regularly to pray over the ministry and the ministry’s various events and programmes, such as AWE.

For AWE2024, our prayer warriors gathered before each day’s programme to cover everyone in prayer and there was also an early morning prayer and devotion on Days 2 and 3. Day 2’s focus was on Singapore while Day 3’s focus was on the nations represented.

Build The Arc

Although the programme was packed, participants found time to fellowship over meals. We call this Building The Arc. Because being on assignment for the Lord can be lonely and challenging. And having kingdom-minded saints to walk with us is encouraging and necessary. Other times, we need kingdom-minded saints to pray through and process our kingdom assignments with us.

That is what AWE aims to do as well – not just come to learn from the teachings and sharing sessions but to provide a community that helps us remain aligned with the King. And AWE2024, by the grace of God, allowed that to happen.

Behind the Scenes

While all the activities were going on, there was a dedicated team of Archippuses serving with love and we would like to acknowledge each of them helping to make sure that the event went on without too many hiccups. We are always grateful for those who are willing to share their resources with the ministry to minister to the body of Christ. Thank you!


We don’t know if AWE2025 will happen. And if it does, when it will happen. Every year we lean in and wait on the Lord to see what He has in store for us. If you would like to be kept in the know, subscribe to receive updates from Archippus Awakening:

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