AAA Conference UAE 15-16 April 2023

Our journey to the Middle East started way back in December 2019.

In answer to Zandra’s prayer for the word for the new year, the Lord piqued her interest through one little obscure verse. You guessed it – Colossians 4:17. Determined to find out who this unknown character was, she searched, googled and finally stumbled upon “Another Awakening: Who is Archippus?” on Archippus Awakening’s YouTube Channel. Zandra quickly realised that she was Archippus whom the Lord was speaking to, to know and fulfil her God-given kingdom assignment. But what? How?

She promptly emailed me to check if I would be speaking in Dubai anytime soon. Not exactly. Hence, a polite reply to say “Let’s see how the Lord leads.”

Soon after, COVID-19 hits the entire world, closing all borders. Zandra had planned to travel to Singapore but had to settle for Zoom meetings and Facebook updates. However, that didn’t stop God at all. Over three years, 2020, 2021 & 2022, He moved powerfully in Zandra; then her husband, Steve; and their three children. One by one, the entire family attended MAP (Mentoring Aligning Process) and was trained in the Archippian Strategic Process. Relationships were built up with Archippus Awakening Singapore (AASG) and with AAKOs (Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outposts) from other nations as we met and prayed together.

Behind the scenes, the Lord opened the door for partnership with Zandra’s home church, God’s Way Fellowship.

On 15-16 April, three years in the making, Team Archippus (from left: Susheel, myself, Serene, Siew Hoon) travelled to UAE and declared the Archippus Awakening message in Dubai & Sharjah; organised and supported by AAKO-UAE.

Be encouraged by some of the reflections and takeaways:

Many have identified themselves as another Archippus especially the four traits. I also felt many were hit by the question, “Are you a war horse or a show horse?” This has invited everyone to reflect on their own journey and assess their walk with God. AAA has also challenged the saints to know their God-given assignments and to work alongside one another as fellow soldiers in the Lord’s Army to further advance His kingdom.

Maria Zandra Senar, AAKO-UAE

I saw God’s faithfulness in providing all that Maria needed for this AAA conference — kingdom provision accompanies kingdom assignment. I felt many leaders who have heard the awakening message agree that it is what the church needs to hear.  It is God’s timing now to awaken His believers in UAE and help those who are awakened to walk through STAP, a needful next-step to do.

Toh Siew Hoon, AASG

The realization that we are living in God’s kingdom now should prompt us to work faithfully and diligently for our King (Jesus). We should do our best to serve Him by serving others, knowing that everyone & everything will be accounted for when He comes back. The goal is to take hold of the prize that Jesus has prepared for those who ran well and did their best.

Esther Reyes, AAKO-UAE

My key takeaway: That every Christian must understand their stand before the Lord by being awakened, aligned and assigned. It is easy to wake up but staying awake is another thing… it is easy to be assigned but is it what the Lord is telling you to do? It may be easy to be aligned but are we in a proper alignment? These are only the few words among many. Lastly, if we stand before the Lord, will we hear those precious words, “Well done, My good and faithful servant!” May the Lord bless all the more Archippus Awakening! Maranatha!

Pastor Bryan Delemos, God’s Way Fellowship

The AA message gives vocabulary to what church pastors, leaders and disciples have been sensing in their spirits about the kingdom’s end-time advance (at least those who attended the conference). This is the Holy Spirit’s doing and not based on nice-sounding words of human wisdom.

I sensed that most of the attendees will still associate kingdom assignment very closely with church-based initiatives (eg. church planting, cell groups etc).  STAP would be a great next step for them. Praying that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to see God’s kingdom beyond the church walls.

After meeting with Desmond, the UAE seems to be a strategic waypoint (“kingdom outpost”) for awakening Archippuses who can then declare and demonstrate the kingdom of God in countries on the road to Israel and within Israel itself.

Susheel John, AASG

Listening to the stories shared it is clear to me that there are many amongst us who are eager to serve the Lord. However, many of us are also starting at the wrong start point and getting ourselves burnt out and sometimes, even, angry with God. Therefore, to be reminded that we first need to be aligned to the Lord before jumping headlong into any activity is a critical message.

We must process if participation in a certain activity is just that, an activity? Or is it an assignment from the Lord which would affect how we serve?

Serene Lim, AASG

More than the conference, we greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet Zandra & Steve and their family in person, for the very first time, after three years of Zoom meetings! It was very heartwarming to see how from one email enquiry, and the obedience and perseverance of Zandra on kingdom assignment, the Lord has also raised a team of Archippuses in UAE around her. These fellow soldiers welcomed us so readily and warmly, all totally aware that after the conference is done and over, their work on the ground begins.

We give all praise and glory to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ! Truly, He has done exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or imagine. May His name be glorified and His kingdom continue to advance in UAE as we serve the saints through the work of Archippus Awakening.

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