AWE2021: To the Nations

It is timely that I should be writing this report today, 27 May 2021.

For one, it’s been two weeks since AWE2021 (13-16 May 2021) and I continue to receive testimonies and reports of how the Lord has moved in hearts.

For another, more significantly, on this day six years ago, my first book, Say To Archippus was commissioned on 27 May 2015. Clearly, it carried a “nations” mandate and anointing:

The first print run of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS was commissioned on 27 May 2015. As we prayed, someone saw the books aglow, another saw the books on fire, and yet another saw angels distributing the books all over the earth. In Mount Carmel Room that night, we believe that the Lord promptly answered by fire!

Say To Archippus

At that point in time, I had no idea how it would progress at all. Six years later, we are beginning to see how this is being fulfilled right before our very eyes. It may have taken a while. But in the Lord’s timing, nothing is ever late.

Ironically, it would take a global crisis for things to take off in ways we never expected. With Covid-19 disrupting everything, Archippus Awakening went online. Around that time, the Lord began to seed the notion of the establishment of Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outposts (AAKO, pronounced ‘echo’) in my heart. Starting with and from Singapore, the Antioch of Asia, these AAKOs would help to ‘echo’ the message of Archippus Awakening to the nations.

As the Lord would have it, AWE2020, MAP4.0, AAA Webinar 2021, and more recently, AWE2021, saw a surge in overseas registration and participation. There has also been increased orders of both books – Say to Archippus & Alignment Check – from the nations. [Visit]

Even so, we must ask the question, “Is Archippus Awakening relevant and appropriate for the nations?”

This is what the nations have to say:

AWE is a webinar where God helps me to understand better and clearer how He wants us to follow Him and be a witness that reveal Christ! Through AWE, the Lord truly enriched my personal walk with Him in a deeper manner. God is mightily moving in the end times revival by raising the level of dedication and commitment of His people to stand up wholeheartedly to fulfil His Kingdom’s ministry according to His will and ways! As people of God’s Kingdom, it is important to clear know the King personally and do what He commands us to do. This is what the Alignment Check is all about! It is meant for everyone and everywhere, individually and corporately! I personally recommend so that we can see what & how a life-transforming discipleship in Christ really looks like!

Rev Canon James Lee
Church of the Good Shepherd Anglican
Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

This is my second time joining AWE. This one is so special to me as I not only joined AWE2021 as a participant but also served as a sharer of Archippian Story as well as co-facilitator. Through the practical experience of serving alongside with each other, one of the best ways to observe someone on assignment is to be part of the team of Archippus Awakening (AA). Every team member had just given their hearts to serve as God’s army of soldiers in AWE2021. Simply by counting the number of participants from different nations, one can tell how God has been leading AA into the nations. By looking around what is happening around the world, I think God is almost shouting at us that Jesus is coming back very soon. Feeling a strong sense of urgency, I have a burden in my heart to get my brothers and sisters in Hong Kong be awakened, aligned and assigned.

Ruby Woo
Evangelical Free Church of China Spring Church

My AWE2021 experience is just phenomenal. I attended last year but the topics and how it was communicated seems deeper, with a very fresh revelation. What stood out to me is the “Word-Spirit Partnership”. Many times I have come across those passages but this somehow makes great sense to me – on how the Word was overshadowed by the Spirit to reveal its purpose and message. I also want to commend the whole team for doing a great job, running the event smoothly. It is always in my prayer for God to move whenever I have the opportunity to share about Archippus Awakening to anyone I come in contact with. AWE2021 is one great event and I believe it just keeps getting better.

Steve Senar
Dubai, UAE

I am very much thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to be part of AWE2021. It was so wonderful to see lots of Archippuses who were there to hear the voice of the Lord through Pastor Henson. The teaching on Alignment Check can be a big blessing for our nation and it can be beneficial for us to know our King Jesus in a better way. And to be effective in the kingdom of God. Once again many thanks to pastor Henson for your valuable teaching  to make us understand that Alignment Check is about knowing Christ and being aligned with Him to bring glory to our King Jesus.

Pastor Pawan Kumar Katara
South Goa, Goa, India

I want to express my gratitude to Team Archippus Singapore and respected Pastor Henson Lim who gave me opportunity to attend this virtual zoom meeting along with my co-pastors, Rajendra Gotame and Fateh Singh. It was a great experience to be a part of this international meeting. During the pandemic and lockdown time this was like an aroma of the fresh air. It gave us lots of encouragement and strength. We have many churches and pastors in Nepal but now the time has come to show Jesus through our life … then Nepal will be become a Christian nation. We all need to rest in Christ … in this pandemic situation …. in the coming days we will do HIS work with Christ and we will win Nepal in HIS name …. Thanking you.

Pastor Vivek Das

The one main thing that I understood from AWE2021 is that my kingdom assignment is very important and requires the right focus. God called us to work together as coworker in His mission. I need to always be awake, to check alignment, to be busy with the right assignment and right aim, fully accountable to Jesus. I am a fellow soldier moving with God’s kingdom vision and on God’s kingdom mission. He keeps us running the race by grace. I believe AWE2021 has blessed our nation and transformed the leaders who participated.

Pastor Martin Smith
Life Transformation Ministry
Tamil Nadu, India

Sometime in 2018 I was invited by a friend to attend AAA seminar here in Butuan City, but presented another opportunity I went through it again for the second time via Webinar. Overwhelmed and thrilled to learn for more, I registered for AWE2021. My entire life of serving God is all about Awake—Align—Assign, but Pastor Henson presented it beautifully profound and attractively simple. I am amazed how he got God’s mandate from an almost unheard passage in the Scripture where the name Archippus was mentioned. I was captivated by the revelation he is teaching on the subject, even amazed by how he carefully alliterated the points and thoughts in the teaching. Going further in listening and receiving from him through his lectures, I know deep in my heart that I will be a part of spreading the message of Archippus Awakening as I serve my assignment as a minister of God.

Pastor Gershon Lomugdang
New Life Butuan
Butuan City, Philippines

AWE2021 was awesome and delightful. I was blessed by being a part of the conference. The modules discussed were very well structured and to the point. They gave a very strong message of alignment and assignment which was very well explained. The breakout sessions were very interactive and provided an opportunity to recap what was taught in the main session. The quizzes at the beginning gave us food for thought and to put on our thinking caps. I would say, the main takeaway for me was the fact how to learn to bring myself into such a way so as I can know my purpose and calling. Bringing my abilities into His submission and using it for the benefit of the church. In my nation where churches do not teach much on the practical steps to align ourselves and use our abilities for His glory, this would be very useful for our pastors and co-workers. There is an urgent need in our churches to discover our abilities, learn to submit them to the Lord and build relationship with the Lord of all creation. 

Pastor Sanjay Robinson
Love India Foundation
Uttar Pradesh, India

This has been my first time to attend AWE program and it has been a blessing to my life. The following are some of the things I have learnt from the teachings of AWE 2021; I have learnt that am a fellow soldier in the army of God and as soldiers we have one common enemy to fight against and that’s satan not our fellow soldiers. I have learnt that what makes a lot of meaning is not the activities I am doing but the assignment. As a person I have been busy in activities in church giving little time to my assignment but since I got this understanding from AWE, much of my time am going to dedicate it to my assignment. I believe when this message of AAA comes to Uganda, it will be vital to the body of Christ.

Kintu Samson
Cornerstone Community Church
Kampala, Uganda

I really thank God for His faithfulness to me by using Ps Henson as His faithful servant and being faithfully carry on his assignments to remind me (and other people) so I can be awakened, aligned and ready to be assigned. As I was called to participate in God’s Kingdom through my assignments as a pastor and a teacher, I want to start a new journey with my members so together we can be awakened, aligned and assigned to the world around us.

Herly Ndahawali
FGA Batam
Batam, Indonesia

Hi Rev Henson, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate you for the work of God you’re doing. You’re such a seasoned teacher, authentic, teaching with passion and a lot of enthusiasm! First and foremost 2018 was an eye opener for me to realise that I can serve God beyond the church walls when I heard Rev Henson expounding on the topics from Say to Archippus. So, AAA webinar stirred my heart to continue to follow and know more about Archippus movement. I took away so many lessons from AWE2021. I believe when AA comes to Uganda, it will greatly benefit the body of Christ, birth many Archippuses for the work of God. 

Juuko Dennis Kisaakye
Cornerstone Community Church
Kampala, Uganda

Looks like the answer to the above question is a resounding YES!

We are presently in dialogue with potential AAKOs. Discussions are underway to see how best to train, equip and resource these kingdom outposts in the nations. Team Archippus SG is gearing up for what’s ahead.

Yet, more than just strategies and plans, it is and must be about kingdom relationships. This is why I have named this initiative, as in military operations, OPS AAKORN: the vision of an Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outposts Relational Network. Like the little acorn that grows to be a mighty oak, my prayer too is that the Lord will use Archippuses – little, unknown and obscure ones – to be raised up as trees of righteousness in the nations, the planting of the Lord, awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom.

Six years ago, we saw “angels distributing the books all over the earth”. Today, as I shared with Team Archippus when we prepared to serve the saints through AWE2021, we stand on the verge of a break through into the nations. In military jargon, there will be boots (not just books) on the ground.

Pray for us. Partner us. We’ve only just begun.

To the nations.

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  1. Lee Tect Vun James

    It is an awesome experience to be able to witness what the Lord is doing in fulfilling His Kingdom purposes in time such as this.

    By His grace for His glory!

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