Woo-ed by CHRIST at AWE2020

Tan Lay Leng

We have crossed the #awe2020zoom uncharted waters. Filled with AWE and gratitude to our God, I am bringing a praise report.

Over the weekend (31 July, 1-2 August 2020), almost 240 participants zoomed in from 10 other nations and over 90 churches, 57% of them attending our very own Aligning WeekEnd (AWE2020) for the very first time. Months leading to AWE2020, by the Lord’s enablement, Team Archippus under the competent leadership of Brother Soon Hin worked towards serving the body of Christ at #awe2020zoom. Hence, we were filled with joy to see an assembly of Archippuses coming together to #buildthearc – Archippian parlance for a community of like-minded awakened, aligned and assigned kingdom saints.

On Day One, participants received Ps Henson‘s teaching on the Archippus Awakening message as the foundational context for the Alignment Check framework on the four aspects A-R-E-A (Alignment-Refinement-Empowerment-Assignment). The inspirational Archippus Affirmation video, which declares the beliefs and conviction of all who share the common desire to be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom, was presented. Many were blessed and they have shared it on their social media platforms.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCUySZWQDfA&w=560&h=315]

God definitely showed up in the 19 breakout rooms where kingdom-minded saints processed the Alignment Check together. As a first-time facilitator on Team Archippus, Wai Yee testified that she was heartened by the openness in sharing by every member. The couple Christopher and Sally have been facilitating small groups but they found facilitating AWE2020 group sessions a different experience in that they themselves learnt new things in the participants’ sharing.

Chloe writes, “Being a facilitator at AWE2020 has demanded my vigilance in navigating the discussion purposefully through the Alignment Check framework. I first had to gain clarity of the framework myself before I could effectively support the articulation within the group. This experience has also given me the honour and joy of serving alongside other Archippuses in the same AO (area of operation); I think I might have experienced church as an army for the first!”

When our engaging host Reuben did a candid poll in the zoom chat, participants highlighted their appreciation for Ps Henson’s teachings and the breakout group discussions. Channie of Holland Village Methodist Church echoed many hearts when she commented on Archippus Awakening Instagram post, “This is such a powerful powerful teaching. Wish I had signed up earlier; may have saved myself and others heartache and unnecessary pain.”

Many had written to me through the “AHA! Moments” channel and we praise God He is wooing many hearts. (Click here to read the statements, too many to share here.) As much as we are encouraged by these AHA! moments and impacted by Ps Henson’s teachings, let these personal awakening moments serve as an impetus to push us forward to check alignment towards assignment. Let’s go deeper! Connect with other Archippuses – like-mineded ones with common language. Take advantage of the resources and initiatives of Archippus Awakening. (Check out our website!) 

Don’t stop at just another webinar. Hear and obey what the Spirit of the King has spoken to you.

Another AWE2020 highlight were the Archippian stories, punctuated with authenticity and received with positivity. Six Archippuses – Wendy, Daniel, Daryl, Cecilia, Lisa and Gordon – wooed hearts when they shared their successes and struggles in their A-R-E-A journey with God.

The Q&A (questions and answers) segment was also highly popular! Of the over 80 questions submitted, Ps Henson answered more than 50 questions! I remember Ps Henson repeatedly saying, “This is a good question.” O God, thank You for the deep hunger in the participants towards learning what it means to check our alignment with You!

It leaves me now to honour Team Archippus: Soon Hin (team leader), AA Prayer Team (led by Cecilia), Pheinee (registrar), Siew Hoon (group facilitation), also with David and Aaron (zoom administration), Gideon (Q&A portal) and group facilitators Annie, Cecilia, Chloe, Christina, Christopher, Daniel, Fayth, Gordon, Grace, Henry, Kwee Lee, Lisa, Lynette, Nigel and Chris, Reuben, Gary, Christopher and Sally, Ps Susheel, Wai Yee.

Finally, allow me to share my heart! While praying with Buddy Siew Hoon over AWE2020, I had received the word “wood”. Three things came to my mind:

  1. Bitter Water, Sweet Wood at Marah (Exodus ‪15:22-27) – Sweetness!
  2. The Miracle of Elisha and the floating axe head (2 Kings 6:5-6) – Miracle!
  3. Work of Christ on the Cross – Jesus!

Siew Hoon added that the miracle of Elisha also speaks of restoration and recovery of what was lost. So we prayed that the SWEETNESS of the Lord’s presence will fill the entire three days from the first moment the meeting room opened till the moment it closed, and lingered in the hearts of one and all, even after the webinar. We prayed too that the God of MIRACLES would visit many ones with breakthroughs and miracles of provisions as we hunger after Him. And that many who have lost their intimacy and times spent with Him, and losses in other aspects would be restored in Jesus’ Name! That the Name of JESUS be lifted high in the entire webinar!

As I shared my heart at our prayer session, God revealed more things through the team that made me stand in even more AWE of Him! Ps Henson shared that we are woo(e)d by God. We are already awed by Him as we see Him and His kingdom. His banner over us is love and Sister Cecilia and Sister Grace added, “God says, ‘I will draw (woo) them to Me by My Spirit. There shall be fruitfulness!’”

And… wood, Ps Henson continued to share, is needed to #buildthearc! There’s going to be multiplication of wood; even as AWE2020 comes and goes, the Kingdom of God advances and the community of Archippuses continues to grow.

But as it is written:
“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
1 Corinthians 2:9

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21

God has done it! To God be the Glory for all that He has done.

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