Lynn Chua: The Past Weekend Has Been Amazing

The past weekend has been amazing (1-3 Dec 2017). I pray I won’t forget even minor details of it even as I pen down my thoughts now.

The first amazing thing was rooming with Sue-Ann. I signed up for AWE2017.2 alone, not expecting that there would be any people of my age group who’ll be there, and that I would even be able to room with one of them. The whole process was just amazing. But the more amazing part was when Sue-Ann shared her story with me, I realised we had so much in common. When I went on the trip, I was feeling discouraged and did not know what kind of trip this will be, not having a lot of expectations. But at the end of it, I’m so glad I signed up on my own, and that I met so many like-minded people who are willing to sacrifice for Jesus. In this simple, un-planned room-sharing with someone of a similar situation, it just brought me so much encouragement that God sees my situation and has not left me alone to fight the battle, and therefore, displaying His faithfulness in my life.

The other thing that was amazing were the messages shared. I mean, there were so many takeaways and “wow” moments about things I didn’t know at first. For example, restoration comes before refinement, and that restoration is our starting point instead of our ending point. So often, we keep seeking restoration but we don’t want to be refined by God!

There were many other lessons that I learnt, that are too many to be named here, but this does not discount how good God was in the teaching by Ps Henson, and the sharing among our groupmates. One thing so encouraging was that Ruth, Ps Henson’s daughter, was only 12 and she actually came for this Awakening Event! Aside from the fact that it’s her dad preaching, but still, being in the same group as Ruth made me see how young a person can be in terms of their heart to serve God.

The next thing is the most important one. It was God’s amazing presence that cannot be taken away. I enjoyed all the worship sessions so much. And this was probably also the first time that I knelt so many times. In the past I would be very mindful of how others saw me. But this time, because I’m only meeting everyone for the first time, I dared to just kneel when I felt prompted to. I’m so glad I did, because it really brought me into a position of surrender and reverence to God.

I remember I knelt down for three of the worship sessions. Even though each time I hesitated – not wanting to be the only one kneeling, and questioning whether I should really kneel – I’m glad in the end I knelt down before God. I asked God to help me to love Him more and I told Him I was sorry for breaking His heart, and asked God to forgive me for doing so, and that I didn’t want to do things to break His heart like that anymore. But thank God that He gave me chances again to let me know how much He loves me.

One of the takeaways from the sermons regarding this aspect, is that I am first a child of God, then a servant. I think I’ve heard that before several times, but I guess it only really hit me over time and over different experiences. And when I heard it and experienced it for myself, the feeling was joy and peace. Knowing that I am a precious daughter of God just makes the whole difference from how I see myself. I’m no longer the slave, and God the slavemaster. Instead, He is the loving father who is waiting to pour His love out on me as long as I’m willing to receive.

Another amazing thing is how everyone just got together as if we’ve known each other for years! It was especially so among the 20s, but also with the rest of the adults, where everyone was just so friendly, as if we all came from the same church. It’s really an amazing feeling. I never expected us to bond so quickly, and forge friendships which are so precious to find nowadays. And where everyone has the same kingdom mindset, ready to do God’s will and make sacrifices for Him.

The sermons heard, the friendships forged, the prayers prayed, the company shared, and the God-filled experiences. I pray I’ll never forget any of it. And that this will not be another conference which I go for and then I come back to Singapore I change back to the same old person, as if I had never gone for the conference. God willing, that I will continue to seek Him and not forget the experiences and lessons learnt there, and ask God for the strength to apply them in my life.

This is an Awakening Event that I would not want to miss out on, and one which I would strongly recommend it to my friends in future. All the glory to God!

Lynn Chua, St Paul’s Church
I learnt about Archippus Awakening (AA) from Ps Henson when he preached about “Another Awakening” at Cornerstone Community Church. I was intrigued! I thought it would be good if I signed up for AWE2017.2, so I did. I now know about AA in detail and I am blessed!

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