Team Archippus Takeaways: Susheel, Anna & Steven

More than just going to Kidapawan City to serve and give, Team Archippus also learnt and received much. Be encouraged by their reflections as they moved on kingdom assignment for Jesus.

Pastor Susheel John

“I have been at AAA Seminars in Singapore, Bandung and now, Kidapawan City. 2 things stand out to me.

The first is the prophetic anointing upon Rev Henson as he presented the sessions. This flowed though the team too. For some, if not many, of the participants, the Spirit seemed to address misalignments in their lives. This was evidenced in the discussions and the ministry times.

The second thing was Team Archippus was there holding the AAA Seminar in line with God’s kairos for Mindanao. The people of KCAG were ready because this is kairos. When Henson, Lay Leng and I had the opportunity to meet a group of pastors spearheading UPrising Mindanao – a united prayer initiative – it is kairos. I really had a glimpse of how awakened and aligned Archippuses out on assignment can impact regional and national destinies.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of this Team Archippus and have been blessed by the people of KCAG and by wonderful teammates who I am humbled to call fellow soldiers.”

Anna D’Souza

“Kidapawan City was my first foray into the Philippines and it did not disappoint. ย Accompanying a tight team of nine other Archippuses on assignment, it was my pleasure to support them in prayer and encouragement.ย While the AAA message was delivered eloquently by the Chief himself, the instant bond of friendship and affection forged between the KCAG Church members and us was heart warming and lively.

The Awakening message was eagerly and excitedly received during the 2-day seminar, after which the team was divided and sent out to share and minister in various daughter churches. I had the privilege of partnering with Ps Susheel in a small village church where we ministered the Word and prayer to the faithful there, and it was great. The Filipinos certainly know how to worship wholeheartedly and welcome Godโ€™s pleasure in their midst.

Before flying to the Philippines I had received a prophetic impression while in prayer that there would be a yoking together and a rubbing off between them and us, as well as a rich two-way deposit of our corporate spiritual strengths in each other. As much as we went to give, we were going to receive even more, and for me, that word certainly did come to pass.
I thank God for the praying people back home that were upholding us before the Throne. Team Archippus stayed healthy and happy and effective because of their faithfulness. May God bless the Philippines and may each one be awakened, aligned and assigned for the glory of the King.”

Steven Lee

“This trip, the Lord has shown me His grace & love in restoring KCAG thru a revival last November. Opening the eyes of KCAG by send His soldiers (Archippuses) led by Rev Henson to awaken & align them back towards His kingdom. Confirmation was shown when the Lord used Bro David thru Praise & Worship, doing his kingdom assignment. I believe God is sending a message to them by using Rev Henson & Bro David.

The message I felt is: Be obedient. He will use ordinary soldiers to do extraordinary things for His kingdom. Thru the outreach & Sunday service, I saw great family cohesion for the kingdom community. Their desire for God is great even though they live in poverty, they never waiver for His love. The KCAG youth bonding among themselves was great compared to our youth here. Their desire for God is great .”

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