Archippus Awakening Turns Three!

On Wednesday 2 Aug 2017, we took the opportunity to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Archippus Awakening (the actual date is 3 Aug) at a KINGDOM101 session. It was to be a double celebration as the other milestone was reaching the 60th teaching of KINGDOM101 that evening, concluding the Sermon on the Mount!

Although a very simple affair, it was made significant by all who made special effort to be present. It was truly an assembly of Archippuses giving glory to the Lord!

When Archippus Awakening turned two and entered the third ‘day’, the word received was Rehoboth, a promise of spaciousness and fruitfulness. Looking back at how the Lord has led this past year, our hearts were filled with praise and gratitude. Our God is a God who keeps His promises!

Here’s a quick review:

On 5 Sept 2016, 要对亚基布说, the Chinese version of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, was commissioned. This opened doors to the Chinese-speaking segment of the Body of Christ. On 3 Dec 2016, we organised our very own Awakened Aligned Assigned Seminar at Sengkang Methodist Church and hosted 300+ participants from 80+ churches.

In February 2017, the third 3D2N Awakening Event, AWE2017, was held at Swiss Belhotel Harbourbay Batam. On 1 April 2017, to our surprise, the Lord provided another opportunity for another Awakened Aligned Assigned Seminar, this time in partnership with Living Waters Methodist Church (read T-Connections at AAA Seminar 2017).

In June 2017, the message of Archippus Awakening was declared at the church camps of Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church and Agape Methodist Church (read Mrs Dolly Chia’s testimony). On 1 July 2017, the nine-month Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP) was launched through two pilot groups of Archippuses.

SAY TO ARCHIPPUS continues to make its rounds across various churches and congregations. To our knowledge, at least three groups have used it as study material. It has also been used as a gift for baptismal candidates! Andrew Ong strongly recommends, “I encourage every Christian to read SAY TO ARCHIPPUS.”

KINGDOM101, our aligning initiative, moved to a new location in FGA@Playfair in April 2017. Attendance has been very encouraging as more are hopping on board this expository journey. Soundcloud listenership has crossed the 22,000-mark. Two months ago, KINGDOM101 teachings began to be available on iTunes. How apt that the 60th session would co-incide with the 3rd Anniversary of Archippus Awakening!

Reheboth! “For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.” Gen 26:22 All praise and glory to the Lord for three years of Archippus Awakening! And we have only just begun…

We don’t really know what’s up ahead except that there is lots of work to be done. In two weeks’ time, a team of Archippuses will go to Bandung to declare the message of Archippus Awakening, in partnership with Merdeka AG Church Bandung. On this trip, the Bahasa Indonesia version of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS – Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus – will be commissioned! This December, we will have the second 3D2N Awakening Event of 2017: AWE2017.2. Registrations are open now at on a first-come-first-served basis.

I must make special mention of a group of Archippuses: the Kingdom Prayer Initiative (KPI) team. Since May 2014, this group of intercessors has gathered, month to month, to pray for me and for the work of Archippus Awakening. For sure, every kingdom initiative must be birthed out through prayer! I am so thankful for these faithful fellow soldiers.

After three years, we are also beginning to see the first fruits of what has been sown in the past three years, often in tears. More and more, Archippuses are stepping up to the plate, taking on different roles and helping to awaken other Archippuses. True to what Archippus Awakening is all about, these are all happy to remain unknown as they faithfully fulfil their kingdom assignments.

As we brace ourselves for another year, we thank the Lord for His affirmation and encouragement. None of these would have been possible without His grace and favour. As He has led us thus far, He will continue to take us forward! To God be the glory!

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