Archippus Awakening Enters The Third 'Day'

Birthdays are always nice. Especially when it’s yours.

On 3 August 2016, Archippus Awakening officially turned two. With that, the ministry entered into its third year, or ‘day’.
As I approached this date, I must admit that the last thing on my mind was a birthday party. (If you are familiar with me and my family, we already have enough birthdays to celebrate – haha!) And turning two was somehow not as significant as the first birthday, or the 7th, or 10th … you know what I mean. Yet, however small a milestone, it is still one to recount God’s faithfulness and goodness. For sure, we wouldn’t be here at all if not for His leading and the opening of so many doors to declare the message of Archippus Awakening.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.11.45 pm
As I pondered these amidst ministry engagements, the impression of two birthday candles entered my mind. What I ‘saw’ was not two candles, but the number “11“. Once again, the Lord got my attention, simply and precisely.
Birthdays are times for us to look back, to see how far we have travelled. It is also a time to be reminded of the purpose for which we were created.

Through the candles, the Lord reminded me that Archippus Awakening is an 11th-hour ministry. The biblical significance of “11” is that of chaos. In these last days, things will get messy. This is the context of Archippus Awakening, where the saints must be roused from complacent slumber to know and fulfil their kingdom assignments.

Note also the time of the alarm clock: 11:47pm. This inspired the arc on our logo, representing the final quadrant of the clock, the final hours. (Interestingly, when I was speaking at a church camp, a sister saw the numbers “1146” superimposed over me. She asked me if it meant anything and I said ‘no’. When I shared it with my son, he casually remarked, “Oh, that’s the time on the alarm clock.”)

Verse 11 of Jeremiah 1 was the verse that started this ‘awakening’ movement. More specifically, the almond tree that also known as the ‘awake’ tree, being the first to blossom in spring whilst others remained in slumber. Last November, on 11.11, I was made aware of verse 11 of John 11. In this verse, Jesus explained that Lazarus was asleep and He was going to wake him up.

Birthdays are also times for us to look forward to what’s ahead. In my update through One Day At A Time‘s July Newsletter, I wrote, “Going forward, I sense that I am standing at the threshold of the next level and it is indeed exciting.”

On 31 July, I stumbled upon verse 11 of Joshua 1, “Pass through the camp and command the people, saying, ‘Prepare provisions for yourselves, for within three days you will cross over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land which the Lord your God is giving you to possess.'” Three days? That would be Wednesday, 3 August. I believe, as we cross into our third year, we will cross into the next level of this ministry.

Whilst I am excited, I am also mindful that there will be new battles to be fought, and new challenges to overcome. For the moment, I will enjoy this birthday celebration, totally encouraged by how the Lord has led and continues to lead. There have been moments – many – where I have felt so tired and so alone. As appreciative as I am of all that have rallied around me, I have been made fully aware that leadership is tough and hence the constant need to heed those words, “Be strong and of good courage!”

Yes. Archippus Awakening has turned two and has entered into the third ‘day’, with resurrection power and promise. Praise the Lord for His presence and enablement! May we be constantly reminded of our purpose as we celebrate each birthday.

Then again, with a birth date of 03.08 that adds up to ‘11‘, how can we forget?

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