Awakening Event: Shekinah AG Church Camp 30 May – 2 Jun 2015

One year ago, when I was invited to be the camp speaker for Shekinah AG’s Church Camp, I had no idea what the theme would be or the events surrounding this camp.


When I went back to preach earlier this year in February, that was also the Sunday they started publicising the church camp, inviting members to “come and be awakened”. In the months that followed, I received updates about the camp and was pleasantly surprised to note that the camp committee had decided on the theme, “AWAKENED. ALIGNED. ASSIGNED.” with Col 4:17 as the camp verse. Needless to say, I was in total agreement 🙂

Team Archippus, Caroline, Lily and Henson, with Ps Hock Cheng and Camelia

Interestingly, three days before camp, we commissioned the book, SAY TO ARCHIPPUS. The Senior Pastor of Shekinah AG and his wife, Pastor Hock Cheng and Camelia, were present at the event and purchased 25 books with the intention of blessing each family at the camp! This was another bonus, totally unplanned.

On Saturday 30 May, we gathered at Blk 324 in Clementi and headed off to Pulai Springs, JB. Being a long weekend, we had to persevere a 2.5hr immigration process before finally getting to the hotel. By that time, there was little time to rest. After a short break in the room, we met for dinner and went straight into the very first session.

Across four sessions, I shared about “Awakening”, “Alignment”, “Assignment” and “Finish the Race”. I was so encouraged by the hunger and desire of the campers to be where God wants them to be, and to do what He has prepared for them. Of course, certain mindsets had to be challenged and strongholds broken as the people were provoked to have a kingdom perspective instead of just a Christian sub-culture, to discern between mere Christian activity and kingdom assignments. When the time came for response and ministry, the Lord graced us with His presence.

As always, the awakening is only the first step. What must take place after that is the aligning – and that would be our prayer for Shekinah AG Church. Already, in our conversations, many have realised that there are no shortcuts when it comes to alignment. Every adjustment in accordance to Jesus and His kingdom will affect other aspects along the way. Even so, we are confident that what God had started at the camp, He will bring it to completion in Christ Jesus! We will continue to stand with Pastor Hock Cheng and Shekinah AG Church as they seek to know and fulfil their kingdom assignments both corporately and individually.

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