KINGDOM101: One Year On And Moving Forward Step By Step

If you have been following us on the journey of KINGDOM101, you will know that it is nothing short of the grace of God!
When the idea first popped into my mind, I knew it was something that needed to be done. That said, I also knew the immensity and intensity of such a task. [Read: Expository Preaching: What was I thinking?!] For sure, this expository journey through the gospel of Matthew would be no walk in the park! It’s going to require hard work.

Last night, 16 March 2016, we marked one year of KINGDOM101. [Read: The Journey Begins …] No fanfare, no party. Just a simple announcement to acknowledge how far we have travelled, and to direct all praise and glory to the Lord.

So, how far – in terms of chapter and verse – have we journeyed? The one verse we explored at the 30th session was Matt 5:7, “Blessed are those who are merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” [Listen: Mercinaries on Mission] Yes, it’s only chapter 5, and we are presently trekking through the Sermon on the Mount (or Mount Makarios in KINGDOM101 terminology).

What have we covered so far? Guided by Scripture and how it unfolds, I am led to teach as the text presents itself. Through 30 sessions, we have dived deep into a broad range of topics like worship, repentance, discipleship, healing, tests & trials, wilderness, identification, Holy Spirit, the Word, brokenness, suffering, righteousness, mercy, etc. Whilst these may sound familiar, the exciting thing is that we get to learn these in context and in relation to one another; and most importantly, to see these from the perspective of the King and what it means to serve in His kingdom!

As many have come to realise, KINGDOM101 is not a series or a course or a programme to be attended and completed within a couple of sessions. Although the bible is studied to some depth, KINGDOM101 is not merely another bible study. It is a journey for Archippuses to be reintroduced to Jesus the King, to embrace His kingdom, and prayerfully, to receive their kingdom assignments. Our prayer is that the right kingdom foundation is laid that we may be stand steady as we go about our kingdom assignments.

To this end, we are not in a rush to complete the book of Matthew. In fact, the standing joke is that I am constantly praying for Jesus to come soon so I don’t have to push through to Matt 28:20! Many just don’t realise how challenging it is to prepare the weekly teachings. I may have started through obedience, but to continue, I sure need resilience.

Yet, I press on because I see KINGDOM101 moving forward, step by step. Beyond the average attendance of 50+, KINGDOM101 Teachings are being listened to on the Archippus Awakening Channel on SoundCloud. One year on, this online service has exceeded 6,500 plays (and counting). From time to time, I receive words of encouragement on how teachings have impacted lives. Archippuses at KINGDOM101 have participated in our Awakening Events (AWE2015) and other initiatives, growing and becoming more purposeful in living for Jesus. On a personal basis, I also meet up with individuals, awakened, and desiring to be aligned and assigned. [Read: The Need For Our Own Awakening Events]

I invite you to join us on the expository journey of KINGDOM101. If you can’t make it on a Wednesday night, then download the app, and follow us on SoundCloud. But don’t stop there. Determine to share the teachings and bless someone else. Awaken another Archippus that more will be aligned and assigned for the kingdom of God.
It is fitting to end this reflection with a word of thanks to the many Archippuses who have served alongside myself at these weekly sessions. I am also deeply appreciative of the Prayer Team that has rallied around me, praying for me and this initiative.

Above all, all praise and glory to God for His hand upon us and His presence at each session and beyond. How apt that as we marked one year of KINGDOM101 last night, the verse was Matt 5:7 about Mercy and Grace. Truly, this is the testimony of the KINGDOM101 journey – entirely according to God’s mercies and enabled by His grace!

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