Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus: Bahasa Indonesia Version of Say to Archippus Commissioned!

On 27 May 2015, Say to Archippus was commissioned. The first print run, just a modest 1,000 copies, sold out within a few months. Presently in its fourth print run, the Lord has used this humble publication to awaken the saints towards knowing and fulfilling their kingdom assignments.

On 5 September 2016, 要对亚基布说, the Chinese version was commissioned, enabling the message of Archippus Awakening to reach Chinese congregations in Singapore and beyond. One such example is Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church. From a one-day GCWSCS leadership retreat, a copy of Say to Archippus was brought back to TACMC. This resulted in an invitation for the message of Archippus Awakening to be shared at their Family Camp in June 2017. With the availability of the Chinese version, we were able to reach both the English and Chinese congregations of this 128 year old church!

The idea of a Bahasa Indonesia version first surfaced after Pastor Yoel Sukardi attended the very first Awakening Event, AWE2015, two years ago. The Lord placed in his heart a desire to bring this message to the people of Indonesia. Although we planned for a 2016 seminar in Bekasi, it was not to be, given certain personal and ministry developments. After settling down in his new role in GSJA Merdeka Bandung, plans were revived for an Archippus Awakening Seminar, as well as the Bahasa Indonesia version of Say to Archippus. The dates were set for 17-21 August 2017. [Read Ministry Trip Report: A Humble Beginning in GSJA Merdeka Bandung. A Great Awakening in Indonesia.]

In the months that followed, Sis Brianna readily undertook the assignment to translate the book, in conjunction with Pastor Yoel. Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus started to take shape. In March 2017, taking advantage of my parents’ trip to Bandung, I requested them to meet and shortlist a few publishers/printers. I made a personal visit in May to meet with Pastor Yoel and Sis Duma, as well as to confirm the selected printer. With this appointment, we had the additional input of Ibu Ria and her team as they provided invaluable guidance, working with Sis Brianna and Pastor Yoel. Across emails and WhatsApp messages, it was exciting to see Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus come together slowly but surely.

On 17 August 2017, Team Archippus made our way to Bandung, Indonesia. There was a special significance as we landed on the country’s 72nd Independence Day. It was as if a fresh message of awakening was being brought in for this nation that God loves. [Read Ministry Trip Report: A Humble Beginning in GSJA Merdeka Bandung. A Great Awakening in Indonesia.]

At the opening night rally, on the night of 18 August, I shared the first message of Archippus Awakening. Sis Brianna then shared her testimony of how she has been duly impacted by the ministry of Archippus Awakening, through which the Lord assigned her to translate the book. Immediately after that, we proceeded to commission Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus, the Bahasa Indonesia version of Say to Archippus.

It was such a lovely sight to behold as Team Archippus and the leaders of GSJA Merdeka Bandung stood together to pray and to dedicate this publication to the glory of God and for the purposes of His kingdom!

Puji Tuhan! All praise and thanks to the Lord for allowing us to celebrate yet another milestone for Archippus Awakening! Typical of what Archippus Awakening stands for, the Lord has chosen to work through those who are unknown. As these books go out, we pray that many Indonesian pastors, leaders and members will be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus!

To purchase Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus in Indonesia, visit VISI Christian Stores or buy online at www.klikvisi.com; in Singapore, email archippusawakening@gmail.com.

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