Working on Alignment, Moving with Holy Spirit

MAP 7: Singapore & International

Contributed by Pastor Susheel John, MAP Lead

On 30 March 2024, the seventh cohort of the Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP)* held their Commencement. It was the culmination of a seven-month journey during which they collectively learned to check alignment with Christ the King as their reference.

Ever since the first run of MAP in 2017, we have been tweaking the programme to make it more efficient and effective. And so, the major tweak in MAP 7 was that this cohort met in 2 separate groups and at 2 different times. The Singapore-based MAPpers (MAP 7s) gathered onsite on almost every Saturday morning from September 2023 to March 2024 while those from overseas (MAP 7i) met online via Zoom on Saturday afternoons. This was done in part to cater for timezone differences. Both groups covered the same material and program. 

With this arrangement in place, 16 from Singapore, 2 from Uganda and 6 from the UAE embarked on their MAP journey together with their 20 MAP mentors. As the program progressed, it was encouraging to see marked changes in the outlook and speech of several MAPpers. As they grappled with different alignment aspects, the Holy Spirit worked in their hearts to effect change. 

MAP 7s participants

Some Takeaways

Here is what Hsien Hong from MAP 7s had to say,

“As I align with God, He puts me through tests and trials as part of the refinement process. It has been a period of facing challenging and testing episodes, refining and trusting.  Although I do not like to be tested and pray that I do not have to face these ‘trials’, I know that the Lord is using them to lovingly refine me, patiently reveal my misalignments, and graciously give me His strength to face them. I am still under refinement and I am humbly asking God to bring me back into alignment with Him during this process.”

Hsien Hong, MAP 7s

In both MAP 7s and 7i, the sense of community also contributed to the learning as MAPpers felt at liberty to do life together as well as minister to each other. This was especially evident in both Singapore and UAE where alignment conversations often took place outside of MAP sessions.

Building the Arc. MAPpers & mentors encouraging and supporting each other.

Silent Retreat

The Silent Retreat was a milestone for different MAPpers as they interacted with the Lord in an unhurried manner. MAPpers shared how the Lord had spoken to them about specific things in their lives. Some also received orders or confirmation regarding kingdom assignments.  Here’s what one MAPper shared about her Silent Retreat experience:

“I reflected on my journey serving in the small group or cell ministry …… Over the years I had grown cynical, jaded, felt lost, never good enough.  I realised I was serving because it was what was expected of a good Christian. It was all about me, my need to be affirmed to be a good Christian, not about God…. God said, ‘Let go of the disappointments, failures and defeats. Forgive the people entangled in these situations. Then you will be ready to be prepared to be ready.'”

Siew Ling, MAP 7s

The MAP Mentors play a pivotal role in any run of MAP. In MAP 7, it was encouraging to see the Mentors – experienced ones, new ones and even interns – play their part in the running of the sessions, sending out weekly reminders and making everyone feel at home in the community. This was done on top of their primary tasks of mentoring the MAPpers and facilitating the discussion groups. They have exemplified what it means to be on assignment and to check one’s alignment in the process. They did a great job!  Many kudos to Elaine (7s) and Phei Nee (7i) who took the lead in the respective groups. Suffice it to say that the hearts of the mentors were really for the MAPpers.

Left: Ps Susheel with Phei Nee and Elaine. Right: a pair of dog tags is given to every MAPper to remind them to take heed and fulfil their kingdom assignment (Colossians 4:17) as fellow soldiers in the Lord (Philemon 2).

In closing, we realise that we can plan a good program taking care of all the little details and providing all the little perks but ultimately, it is Father God who causes growth and the Holy Spirit who brings us into alignment with our King Jesus. And so to Him be all glory and thanks for what He has done in MAP 7.

For the King and His kingdom!

*In 2017, Archippus Awakening launched the Mentoring Alignment Process (MAP). It is a 7-month aligning initiative designed to help individuals who are awakened but are not sure of their next steps. Using the A-R-E-A framework (Alignment–Refinement–Empowerment–Assignment), participants meet each week to discuss and process with their mentors and each other what it means to be aligned with the King before discovering what their kingdom assignments are.

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