AAA Conference in Uganda

9-11 November 2022

Putting together an “Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.” Conference in Uganda is nothing like running one in Singapore. Our AAKO (Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outpost) partner, Juuko Dennis, gave all glory to God for a successful three-day conference from 9 to 11 November 2022 to see many awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus, despite many challenges encountered.

Here’s his report.

We did not expect to be confronted with many challenges planning an AAA Conference. It was an eye-opener to the many details we had not anticipated. But God. He showed up powerfully and we remain awed at what He has done and will continue to do on our behalf.

Leading up to the conference, by the grace of God, we had a fruitful planning retreat session with our potential AAKO partners from western and eastern Uganda to forge a way forward on how to have a successful AAA conference, and how the message of Archippus Awakening can go beyond a few individuals to the rest of Uganda, the neighbouring countries and the entire African continent. At the retreat, via Zoom, together with all delegates from the regions, we entered into a good time of prayer, fellowship and vision casting of OPS AAKORN by Papa Henson from Singapore. We were raring to go!

Go we did, but we met with the first challenge. How to transport all the equipment such as the projector, the screen, the books and the other items, many of which were fragile? Through the prayers of the saints as well as the wisdom from God, we managed to secure motorcycles, reach the venue and come back after the conference, with everything intact. Another major challenge was inflation, which we did not budget for, Skyrocketing prices of goods very much disrupted our budgeting plans. We persevered and prayed.

And God kept showing up at the conference in amazing ways. With the strong partnership from Victory Outreach Gospel Centre ministries, Igalaza, pastored by Bishop Shine Peter, we were ready to receive 500 people but to our surprise, the number exceeded to 570 people from 12 districts out of 32 or more districts that form the eastern region. We believe it was God’s intent to bring many people to be impacted by the message of Archippus Awakening to know and be reminded of their kingdom assignments.

I was so grateful to God for the internet connection throughout the conference and the weather which enabled us to receive the teachings, undisrupted over three days. Surely, God is faithful towards the speakers and all who participated in this conference. Personally, I had the privilege to partner with Pastor Henson to speak on two out of the five sessions. All these sessions started with earnest prayers from hungry and thirsty disciples of Christ who desired to know their King in order to know and move on their kingdom assignment. Kingdom prayer initiatives took place every evening from 8pm to10pm. During these sessions, we witnessed the move of the Holy Spirit as believers were set free by the King to go and serve Him. All the sessions were crowned with a prayer from the master of horses, Papa Henson.

I witnessed how people were impacted by the illustration Pastor Henson gave regarding giving up to God something that was holding us back. Using a picture of a horse tied onto a blue chair, Pastor Henson challenged us to give up our wrong mindsets, our busyness in the world and other things that might hold us back to serve God’s purpose. We also learnt to discern between kingdom assignments and Christian activities.

It has been such a great privilege to partner with the Holy Spirit in the advancement of the kingdom of God. Salute to Pastor Henson and Team Singapore for all the financial support, encouragement, words of wisdom that had facilitated all these to happen. I am also thankful for Team Uganda for standing together in prayers and mobilisation to make sure we had a successful conference. May God continually bless each one of you.

Since the goal of this entire retreat and the conference was to forge a way forward to see to it that we come up with AAKO stations in different regions such that people may receive the trainings of Archippus Awakening, in the pipeline is a “Say To Archippus” Process (STAP) to further equip people to understand the awakening context better.

I am excited at the prospects of extending our AAKO signals to two more countries such as Kenya and South Sudan, and elsewhere God opens the door and allows us to go to advance His kingdom. Please partner me in prayers as I rally a team of committed people to journey together through STAP so we can help others go through the same process of catching the heart of Archippus Awakening, for the glory of God.

Juuko Dennis
A bondservant of King Jesus

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