Launching Chinese MAP

In 2017, Archippus Awakening launched the Mentoring Alignment Process (MAP). It is a 6-month aligning initiative of Archippus Awakening designed to help individuals who are awakened but are not sure of their next steps.

Using the A-R-E-A framework (Alignment–Refinement–Empowerment–Assignment), participants meet each week to discuss and process with their mentors and each other what it means to be aligned with the King before discovering what their kingdom assignments are.

In February 2023, Chinese MAP was launched. It came soon after the completion of a Chinese “Walk Through Say To Archippus” (now called STAP*) in 2022 with friends from Sabah, Malaysia. Having been awakened by the message of Say To Archippus (Chinese), many participants in that group were keen to get themselves aligned with the King of Kings and hence requested to do an alignment check in Chinese.

In God’s perfect timing, the book, Alignment Check (Chinese) was launched in Sandakan, Malaysia in November 2022. With that launch, 11 people signed up to be in the 1st cohort of Chinese MAP.

On 2 February 2023, the first session started. Six months later, on 27 August 2023, they celebrated with a commencement ceremony in Sandakan, Malaysia. Pastor Susheel and Siew Hoon flew in to mark this special occasion.

There were three mentors assigned to the 11 participants – Ps James (Malaysia), Siew Hoon (Singapore) and Ruby (Hong Kong). These are experienced MAP Mentors from the English stream. They were assisted by Emily (Malaysia) and Hiu Hiu (Hong Kong).

One thing all three mentors had in common as they led Chinese MAP is that as they prepared and helmed the sessions, each found themselves checking their own alignment.

Here are snippets of their takeaways:

Ruby Woo, AAKO HK
Ruby found that “one of the biggest challenges is to secure enough Chinese-speaking mentors. So she saw “the kingdom partnership among Sandakan, Singapore and Hong Kong to pioneer the first Chinese MAP for a group of 11 MAPpers from Sandakan, Hong Kong and Labuan (as) God’s divine design and provision.” And as she juggled a heavy workload and mentoring, she learnt that “The secret of victory lies precisely in our readiness to take Him at His word and be led by the Holy Spirit. Gradually, I started to taste what it truly means to be resting in Christ yet receiving empowerment from the Lord. Alignment Check for myself again!”

Toh Siew Hoon, AASG
For Siew Hoon, she found the sessions “very fruitful. I got to do my alignment check with God again as I prepared for the lessons. I was very much blessed by the Alignment Check book AGAIN!!”

James Lee, AAKO SDK
Ps James is grateful that “God never stops working in each of us” and shared that although this is his 4th mentoring group, “I see my own misalignment and the need to continue to realign. Personally, this is the reality and true meaning of following Christ as His disciple.”

Meanwhile, here are snippets from some of the Chinese MAPpers.

Jane Ip, AAKO HK
Jane shared that after a series of alignment checks, “I could spot my misalignments arising from the misconceptions of (my) relationship with God, my pride and my ignorance.

She was also grateful for the group mentoring sessions. She said that “they also impacted me a lot for we could share our very inner thoughts and feelings because we had gradually established a trusting and caring relationship through the weekly Zoom meetings.”



Jane Ip

Alex Leong, AAKO SDK
Through Chinese MAP, Alex found that although he had his foundations right, he often lapsed into “Christianese” – mouthing Christian beliefs without really walking in them.

“The first and foremost teaching of Alignment Check on ‘Start with Love’ has awakened me to the basis of my relationship with God and my kingdom assignments. Only with love can I obey; only with love can I have an identity in Christ; and only with love can I give everything to God without complaints and with all my heart.”

通过向神对齐 定位检查,Alex发现虽然自己的基础是正确的,但他经常陷入“基督教语”的偏差     嘴边挂着基督教术语,却没有真正实践出来。

「定位检查的首要教导 “从爱开始” 唤醒了我与神的关系及我的神国任务必须建立在爱的基础上。唯有爱,我才能顺服;唯有爱,我在基督里有了身份;唯有爱,我能无怨无悔,尽心尽力为神付出一切。」

Alex Leong

Annie Yong, AAKO SDK
Annie had many takeaways from Chinese MAP. She shares that, “it has shown me many misalignments which I did not even realize them. In the past, I used to help out in all church ministries whenever time allowed, which led to exhaustion and grumpiness, and even neglect my devotional time with God…It was only after taking this course that I realized I had deviated from God’s path, misunderstood God’s word, and failed to discern whether I was carrying out God’s kingdom assignments or engaging in Christian activities.”

God even had a message for Annie in the three-day, two-night silent retreat. As the retreat venue was not up to her expectations, she was not comfortable and longed for her own home. But the Holy Spirit convicted her on the second day, saying: “As a soldier, you will be deployed to different battlefields and places to carry out assignments, so you must have strong adaptability.” She realised that God “wanted me to learn to bravely leave my comfort zone and obey the tasks He assigned to me.”

Annie 从 MAP (指导对齐过程)中获得了很多启发。她分享说:”MAP让我看到了许多自己从未意识到的偏离。过去,只要时间允许,我就会在教会的各项事工中帮忙,导致疲惫不堪、脾气暴躁,甚至忽略了与神的灵修时间……参加这个课程后,我才意识到自己偏离了神的轨道,误解了神的话,分不清自己是在执行神国任务,还是在进行基督教活动”。

在三天两夜的静修会中,上帝甚至为Annie传达了一个信息。由于静修会地点的环境不符合她的期望,她感到不自在,渴望回到自己的家。但第二天圣灵对她说:”作为一名士兵,你将被派往不同的战场和地方执行任务,所以你必须有很强的适应能力……”。她意识到,上帝 “希望我学会勇敢地离开自己的舒适区,顺服祂指派给我的任务”。

Annie Yong

We thank God for those who have taken time out of their busy schedules to align themselves with God and in the process found themselves deepening their faith journeys.

And to quote and echo Siew Hoon, “Our prayer for them is that they will continue to ‘press the button’, and continue to walk in obedience to God. So that when the King gives them their assignments, they will obey and be faithful to fulfil them no matter what.”

If you would like to find out more about MAP, visit and for more on the Alignment Check book.

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