AAKO Sandakan: Say To Archippus Processing (STAP)

Pastor James Lee

Reflecting the initial steps of seeing STAP Sandakan (Chinese) come to fruition filled my heart with much gratitude to God. I knew it was God’s own way of establishing AAKO* Sandakan. It took more than a year to arrive at where we are. Identifying the participants to come on board STAP was the most challenging but it led me to seek the King! Eventually, the Lord assembled eight of us, the first fruits of AAKO Sandakan.

I recalled that in November 2021, when God opened the Malaysia and Singapore borders, I went down to Singapore to meet up with Pastor Henson Lim, Pastor Susheel John and Lay Leng. I shared my heart with them. Pastor Henson proposed for Team Sandakan to work on the awakening context through STAP. The challenge before us then was to identify Chinese speaking facilitators. By God’s grace, Lay Leng and Siew Hoon stepped up and together with Pastor Henson and Wai Yee, STAP (Chinese) with the eight of us from Team Sandakan took flight. I was especially grateful that a small collaboration with our other AAKO partners, Ruby Woo from AAKO Hong Kong and Gerald Har based in Michigan, USA, mushroomed.

After the first run of STAP (Chinese) ended on 4 May 2022, God raised two freshly commissioned Archippuses out of eight of them, to be facilitators for the second run of STAP (Chinese)! At the same time, we decided to invite participants from Labuan, on the west coast of Sabah, as well as participants from Hong Kong, since Ruby was one of the facilitators. The second run of STAP started on 18 August 2022 and ended on 6 October 2022.

Out of both STAP runs came signs of the Lord’s awakening power in different ways among the participants. I was encouraged by my wife’s testimony. Emily shared how God awakened her through STAP. While reading Say To Archippus, she was particularly moved by Pastor Henson’s hunger for God’s will and his total surrender to Him. Throughout STAP, she kept being awakened to how the church is in spiritual slumber due to erroneous teaching, hence the urgency in this eleventh hour to awaken the church. Having been awakened to God’s kingdom purposes, she wants to exhort the body of Christ that it may be one message of Archippus Awakening, but it is so critical to be awakened to know and fulfil our kingdom assignments.

STAP was a small beginning for many of us here in tucked-away Sandakan but our chief Commander is a big God. He chose to awaken us, that we may align to be assigned to fulfil His kingdom purposes to echo (AAKO) the Archippus Awakening message out of Sandakan, to Sabah and beyond!

Partner us in prayers, now that we have been awakened, that we will check our alignment towards being assigned for the King Himself! Amen!

*AAKO: Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outpost

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