Alignment Check (Chinese) Book Commissioning in Sandakan

14 November 2022

It was the message of Archippus Awakening that connected both Pastor Henson and Pastor James from Sandakan in 2018. After the AAA Seminar in Sandakan in August 2019, the discussion to move on the Chinese translation of Alignment Check took place. Going back to where it all began, it was thus in Sandakan on 14 November 2022 that Alignment Check (Chinese) was first commissioned.

COVID-19 might have hit the entire world and the translation work was stalled for a while in what seemed like a delay. But God was moving the pieces into place. Our relationship with Pastor James grew and we got to know Ruby from Hong Kong. Meanwhile, God used the pandemic in the last two years to kickstart Archippus Awakening’s regional network as we set up kingdom outposts in various countries, referred to as AAKOs or Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outposts.

This opened the way for the Chinese translation to be checked and proofread, to be appropriate for Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The team expanded from Wai Yee (the translator) to Pastor Beng Hoon, to involve Emily, Annie, Grace and Jacqueline; and then Ruby.

Be encouraged as you watched this video on how this team was experiencing God throughout the translating and proofreading process.

Last year, in December 2021, Pastor James flew in to Singapore and he spent some time together with Team Singapore. Returning, Pastor James assembled a group in 2022 to process the first book in Chinese, Say to Archippus. Ruby was invited to join in. Then, a second group, this time, with Ruby as the main facilitator, as well as participation from Hong Kong (in Chinese and Cantonese). In the meantime, production of Alignment Check started. Serene, Pastor Henson’s wife, began work to layout and print both Alignment Check and the second edition of STA (with updates). Although the process experienced a few production delays, it was finally printed. Just in time for the next step: Alignment Check!

It had not been an easy process. This, however is not surprising since we believe this is a key kingdom resource for the Chinese community. The enemy was not going to take it sitting down. Because the initial prompting happened in Sabah, it was only right to commission the book in Sandakan, from Malaysia, to the ends of the earth, to reach the Chinese community for Jesus and His kingdom.

With Pastor James’ partnership, and support from Team Sandakan, God will use the first fruits of Archippuses in Sandakan, to awaken even more across Malaysia. In our prayer time as a team, Lay Leng and Siew Hoon saw the vision of God’s fire on the Alignment Check (Chinese) books. The books were burning but they did not burn up. We believe that readers of the Alignment Check (Chinese) book, offered on the altar to God, would be stirred by the message of an awakening towards checking their alignment. Pastor James himself also testified that he has witnessed the Lord Himself expand and accelerate His movement in Sabah from Sandakan! It was truly a significant commissioning in Sandakan.

We give thanks and glory to God. It is His enablement and His grace. May Alignment Check (Chinese) enable many to be aligned to Jesus and His kingdom that they may be assigned for His purposes and glory!

《向神对齐 定位檢查》the Chinese version of Alignment Check and the 2nd Edition of Say to Archippus (Chinese) 《要对亚基布说》 are both available at Archippus Awakening’s Online Shop in print and ebook formats.

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