Alignment Check (Chinese) Book Commissioning 7 December 2022

《向神对齐 定位检查》新书发布会

By Tan Lay Leng

We might have called it a book commissioning, but it is so much more than just another book commissioning.

Pastor Ian Toh, our invited speaker, emphasised that not only were we commissioning Alignment Check (Chinese) 《向神对齐 定位检查》. Those present were also commissioned to spread the message of Archippus Awakening to see many awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus. (Read Pastor Ian Toh’s compelling message on the significance of the meaning of the Chinese name of Archippus.)

Building on this critical reminder of having to play our part in God’s kingdom work, Pastor Henson, in his address, declared, “Recently, something is stirring in the Chinese community. I believe a new move of God has already begun in the Chinese churches.”

With this powerful declaration in mind, we praise God that Archippus Awakening is partnering Him in His move to serve and benefit the Chinese community with Chinese resources. It is our prayer that the resources will fly out to Chinese speaking nations beyond the shores of Singapore too.

The journey to the final publication and distribution of Alignment Check (Chinese), however, has been nothing short of challenging, with disruptions through the pandemic. While it had taken some time for the book to be finally published, we praise God that the timing is aligned with God’s move.

As the work of Archippus Awakening comes into alignment with God’s prophetic timeline, we hope to see many like Daryl and Yeen Peng impacted by the Alignment Check framework and put the checkpoints into practice. Young adult Daryl testified that the alignment check principles may appear simple enough, but they are hard to live out without the power of the Holy Spirit, “The Holy Spirit provoked me to realise that the love for God defines and sets the tone for everything in the kingdom. I dare say, God is not just concerned with what you achieve, even if you ‘hit the mark’ on your assignment, but how you achieve it.” Retiree Yeen Peng must have echored sentiments of many when she shared how she aligned with God’s word for her to step out of her ‘comfort zone’ into the assignments He has for her.

What an encouragement to hear from these two Archippuses, as much as we watched the video featuring Team Archippus from Singapore, Sandakan and Hong Kong who contributed to the translation work of Alignment Check (Chinese) testify of how they themselves were much moved by God in the entire translating and proofreading process. Truly, we trust God to continually move the books and the hearts of the readers as we partner Him.

To conclude, I would like to echo Pastor Henson’s words, “This commissioning belongs to Jesus.” That’s what Alignment Check is all about. It is about receiving Christ, knowing Christ, becoming like Christ, resting in Christ, working with Christ and revealing Christ. Yes, It’s all about Jesus our Christ!

As you lay your hands on a copy of the book, be ready to be challenged. Alignment Check revisits the fundamentals, challenges the status quo and provokes you to examine the very core of what you claim to believe. We pray that through this book, and the work of Archippus Awakening, many will be pointed to Christ.

《向神对齐 定位檢查》the Chinese version of Alignment Check and the 2nd Edition of Say to Archippus (Chinese) 《要对亚基布说》 are both available at Archippus Awakening’s Online Shop in print and ebook formats.

Watch the recording of the Book Commissioning Live Stream:

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