8 Years On: Revival Reflections

Is it just me? Or have you also noticed a revival buzz in the air?

Speaking of revivals (or awakenings), in October 2013, I received a message of awakening through Colossians 4:17 – And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfil it.”

After a season of seeking and clarifying, Archippus Awakening was formally launched on 3 August 2014.

Since then, whenever the Lord opened a door, I would open my mouth. Just one message: “Wake up, Archippus! Know what God has asked you to do. Go do it.” Symbolically, every believer is the Archippus I am to awaken, to remind and challenge this brother or sister to be faithful to fulfil his or her kingdom assignment. Guess that makes me an awakenist? (grin)

Over the years, I’ve lost count of how many services, camps, seminars, conference, churches – whatever – where I have declared this one message. To the best of my ability. As faithfully as I can so help me God. (I am crystal clear about one thing: I can awaken no one if the Lord does not move that one’s heart.)

The response? By His grace, the message has always been positively and well received by both leaders and members. Most have affirmed it to be a now word, a rhema for the kairos.

I am of course encouraged. However, I can’t help but feel a sense of disappointment too. This is because as soon as the ‘event’ is over, most are looking for the next thing. Again. Or to participate in the next activity. Again. Perhaps institutionalised church has trained us too well to respond in such a manner. Ironically, this is exactly what the Archippus Awakening message speaks against and warns about.

Perhaps, more than just a word of awakening, we really and desperately need a revival.

Revival talk is not new but it’s gained fresh attention and new momentum in light of recent developments. I am all for revival. (After all, it’s just another word for awakening and that’s what Archippus Awakening is about.)

That said, we must be careful not to make it into yet another programme or activity, to try to generate something that only God can do and bring about. We must also discern if we are looking back too much when we are expected to move forward with all the Lord has blessed us with.

I’ve often lamented that it’s not more teaching we need; but more obedience. I’ve seen too many awakened (revived) only to go back to sleep again. Why? Many are just not willing to align with the Lord that they may then be assigned for Him. Would a revival fix this once and for all? We pray so.

Does the Church need reviving? Indeed. Do we need another awakening. Most definitely. To this end, I join the prayer chorus, asking God to do it again. Even so, I cannot help but wonder: We are waiting for revival. What if God is waiting for us?

As Archippus Awakening marks 8 years, I am reminded and challenged to keep declaring what the Lord has given to me to declare. Together with Team Archippus. Clearly, the assignment is far from over. There are many more to be awakened.

Until the Lord graces us with the revival that so many are crying out for, I will do my little part to awaken the saints – one Archippus at a time.

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