The Colossians 4:17 Coffee Shop

Is this a new or fancy name to rebrand an old kopi tiam (coffee shop)?

No. I just coined this term to describe the place where I first received Colossians 4:17 from the Lord.

And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfil it.”

Colossians 4:17

Through this one verse, the Lord clarified the assignment – to awaken the saints that we may know and fulfil our God-given kingdom assignments. Hence, Archippus Awakening*.

That was way back in 2013. On 27 October. In a blink of an eye, it has been TEN years.

Last week, I made a special effort to visit this place at the corner of Foch Road and Beatty Lane. Just for old times’ sake.

The coffee shop is still there. Still the same. Though with different stalls. And a rather hip name of Bistro 8. Whatever. To me, it will always be the Colossians 4:17 Coffee Shop.

I sat at the same table (if I remember correctly) and read Colossians again – to remember and mark that moment. No thunder. No lightning. Just a quiet assurance that the message remains relevant and the assignment valid.

And so, I press on.

So thankful for the Lord’s grace, enablement & faithfulness over the past 10 years. So appreciative of all the fellow soldiers who have rallied alongside me on this crazy journey.

Who knows what the next 10 years will bring and how the Lord will lead? All I know is that He has prepared new adventures for us. Team Archippus is posturing and preparing for what’s up ahead. There is much more to be done.

How? I don’t know. We will just take it one day at a time. One Archippus at a time.

God has led us thus far. He will lead us forward.

For now, I will just sip and enjoy my kopi-o kosong at the Colossians 4:17 Coffee Shop.

*Archippus Awakening was officially and formally launched on 3 August 2014 – exactly 40 weeks from the day Colossians 4:17 was received. On 3 August 2024, we will celebrate 10th Anniversary.

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