Cocooned in Papa’s Love

by Yong Choon Yuen

As I dashed into the year 2022 without reflecting on 2021, I was glad I could make it for the MAP (Mentoring Aligning Process) Silent Retreat. I used the time of silence on day one to still my soul and spirit and reflect on 2021. 

I started Saturday morning writing the following prayer before breakfast:

“Holy Spirit, tell me who God says I am and what God thinks of me; show me your vision for my 2022 and a verse to anchor the year; show me one trait of God you desire me to grow in conviction this year and reveal which spiritual discipline you desire me to grow and develop in.”

Little did I know that God would surprise me with answers so quickly and abundantly on that day itself. At the breakfast table, I sat with Lay Leng and she released the word that I am entering a cocoon phase of the butterfly lifecycle.  She urged me to not rush the waiting time.  Whilst the cocoon may appear lifeless, there is much activity happening inside.

The picture I picked

She encouraged me to research and find out more of its significance.  She also shared from Luke 1:28-30 and Daniel 10:11-12, that God calls me highly favoured and highly esteemed.

Following the time of devotion, retreaters were given several printed images to choose from, one that would speak to us. Imagine my amazement when I saw the picture of a caterpillar becoming a cocoon and then a butterfly.  God was shouting His message LOUDLY to me.

The year 2022 is to be a time of significant METAMORPHOSIS for me (Romans 12:2; 2 Corinthians 3:18). There will be dying and shedding of the OLD and an emerging from the chrysalis (cocoon) a NEW thing. (John 12:24).  I am to remain plugged to the vine (God’s word).

I took a walk along the Changi Boardwalk in the late morning.  There, God spoke directly to me through the name of a yacht “The Dash”.

The Dash

Whilst dash could mean speed/rush, this was “THE dash” and I perceived it to represent the actual life one lives from birth date death date.  Again, I heard God alerting me to slow, savour and make the most of this year 2022.

After sharing this on Sunday, Lay Leng highlighted that another meaning of dash is “strike/smash” and I was led to ponder the aspect of “smashing” OLD mindsets for transformation to NEW.  

I am a very cognitive person.  Whilst I “know” intellectually that God loves me, my prayer to God is that I want to “feel” and have more experiences of His love.  Our good God is so gracious that He poured His love even more on Saturday afternoon with an impromptu prayer time after lunch and God singled me out first to be in the “hot seat’.  I received so many more prophetic words and verses from sisters Lay Leng, Cindy, Yeen Peng, Lilian, Lisa, Eliana, Idy and brother Augustine.

I have chosen just one to share where God answered my morning prayer about God’s trait to grow in conviction in 2022 – Him being Jehovah Rapha the healer.  Lisa saw me holding a blue flag signifying bringing healing to people I minister to and that they may be old folks.  Augustine shared to apply my gifts to those I love.  So, one of my assignments in 2022, even whilst there will be much aligning, refining and empowering in my cocooning journey, will be to pray for God’s healing physically and spiritually for my dad.

In this retreat, God overwhelmed me with His love by speaking to me directly and also through my fellow Archippuses as they used their giftings and shared their life experiences.  What a blessing to be in this community! Let us be so desperate for God’s presence and be obedient to press into the Holy of holies DAILY to live every day in His ways and will.  

2 thoughts on “Cocooned in Papa’s Love”

  1. I am very excited for you as you embark on this process from cocoon into a butterfly.
    I can sense a new found confidence in your walk and relationship with Abba Father going deeper and deeper.
    Yes this is my prayer for you – that very soon you will emerge from the cocoon and be ready to take off.
    “You will soar on wings like the eagle” to new and exciting heights with Jesus your KING. AMEN.

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