A Kingdom Awakening

Juuko Dennis Kisaakye

My spirit was ignited! It was the year 2018. I was listening to Pastor Henson teach on “Knowing & Fulfilling Kingdom Assignments” at Tung Ling Bible School, School of Ministry. As he spoke on serving God in a more significant way through knowing and fulfilling my kingdom assignment, I could sense my passion arise for the mission to awaken a sleeping church.

Since then, God has put on my heart to come back to my country Uganda to awaken the saints but I did not know how and where to begin. I began to pray fervently, knowing that I could not do it on my own without His strength and ability.

In 2020, a door was opened when I was invited to attend the AAA webinar. The Archippus Awakening (AA) message came back to me as a reminder of what God had spoken to me three years ago to awaken a sleeping church. He also began to nudge me to get aligned to His will and purposes, that I may discover and be able to fulfil my kingdom assignments. With the fire burning inside me, I touched base with Pastor Henson and conveyed my desire to be equipped by Archippus Awakening to sound the clarion call in Uganda to awaken saints in the body of Christ to know and fulfil their kingdom assignments.

Through a series of conversations and many prayers, God has brought about a small birth of a partnership between Uganda and Singapore to see many across Uganda awakened, aligned and assigned for King Jesus and His kingdom. I prayed for a core team to come alongside me. Praise God for my team of four dedicated, God-fearing members whom I cast the AA vision to. We know that prayer undergirds everything we do, so we started KPI (Kingdom Prayer Initiative) before our equipping sessions with Team Singapore commenced.

During the equipping sessions, God has been awakening and aligning us. We thank God for helping us to understand His heartbeat more and more. Through the awakening and alignment process, I found that my entire perspective of ministry has shifted from the four-walled church to the greater mission of the kingdom of God. I recognized that I am a soldier in the end-time army of God. I discovered my identity in the Lord that I may be almost anonymous but known by name to God. I am on kingdom assignment, and not just involved in Christian activities.

When I go out to the rural areas of our nation when people are hungry and thirsty for God, I see that increasingly He has aligned me specifically for missions so that I can sound a clarion call of awakening to the body of Christ not only in Uganda but throughout the entire continent of Africa. When I teach the children sports and craft skills, when I share the good news and reach out to the needy, I know that I am a soldier on a mission. They may be almost anonymous, but they have a kingdom assignment from God. I understand that the awakening of my fellow soldiers and Archippuses must start with love. I decided to be intentional and do things differently from the way I had been doing. I plunged into the study of God’s word so I could know and understand the heart of God for His people in order to love them His way. As a soldier, I do not sit and watch things happen. I want to be part of the awakening God is doing for the glorious bride of Christ Jesus.

The awakening and aligning journey continues. We have only just begun. But God has been encouraging us. My team member, David Victor testified, “Archippus Awakening is becoming (more) clearer, more interesting and more exciting, great to be part of this great awakening for the Kingdom assignments…”

This is a call to everyone out there to wake up from our sleep to know that the times are urgent and God is looking for the faithful, obedient servants who are committed and ready to be aligned so He can assign them for the harvest and for His glory.

Dear Archippus

Archippus was a soldier in the Lord’s army (Philemon 2). As believers of Jesus Christ, we have the same commission. Henson writes in Say To Archippus, “Whilst salvation is of paramount importance, it is but a means of being part of God’s kingdom and participating in its mission.”

Are you taking up your position as a soldier? Do you know your God-given kingdom assignment? How are you participating in the mission of the kingdom of God?

About Juuko Dennis Kisaakye

39-year-old Juuko is married to Nagawa Philonah Juuko for five years and God has blessed them with four wonderful children. Saved by God’s grace in the year 1991, Juuko has been walking with the Lord. For the last 11 years, he has been a Bible teacher.