Four Firsts at Fourth Run of MAP

On 27 March 2021, after six months of deep diving into the Alignment Check framework, 22 Archippuses celebrated with their very own Commencement – this is where the rubber meets the road. Yeen Peng puts it delightfully, “When you are having a great time, time flies and before we know it, 6 months have passed and it is Commencement.”

Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP) is a 6-month aligning initiative of Archippus Awakening (AA) designed to help awakened individuals with the checking of personal alignment. With the kingdom of God as the focus, MAPpers learnt from one another as they used the A-R-E-A framework (Alignment–Refinement–Empowerment–Assignment) in their weekly discussions on what it means to love and serve Jesus towards the discovery and fulfilment of kingdom assignments.

The overflow of sincere testimonies on how the framework has sharpened awareness of misalignments, that we may realign, is evident of grateful hearts towards the One who led us faithfully throughout the while journey. Noelle is quick to point this out about herself, “I find myself now being aware of the little things that I often did not see as I seek to be constantly aligned with the King. I can see how I have become more sensitized to the nudges of the Holy Spirit, especially showing those areas where I need further aligning or refining.” Praise God!

I would like to highlight in this praise report the four firsts at MAP4.0.

  1. First Four Overseas MAPpers

The Covid-19 lockdown opened doors for AA to receive four overseas MAPpers for the first time. When MAP4.0 started in September 2020, Chin Lee made a declaration that God is trumpeting the AA message into the four corners of the earth. Truly, the impact of the A-R-E-A framework is evident in Ruby who zoomed in from Hong Kong. She testifies, “Honestly, before joining MAP4.0, I have never imagined that I can experience such impactful paradigm shifts. God has indeed given me more than what I had expected. It is so true that everything in my Christian life can be so different after I have acquired a kingdom perspective in studying the Word of God.” I believe she echoes her fellow MAPpers when she shares further that she is beginning to grasp what the MAP tagline “Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.” means for her.

“So often we are too eager to know our assignments without aligning ourselves with the Lord,” Ruby writes, “while I may not know every detail of my assignment, walking and working with God is a never-ending adventure to discover how I have already been prepared in advance for His destiny. God is seeking us into a relationship with Him as our loving King.” Amen.

Endearingly, Maria (Dubai, UAE), James (Sandakan, Malaysia) and Herly (Batam, Indonesia) have expressed how they would be missing “all the dear MAPpers” even more. When kingdom relationships forge, a special kingdom connection forms. God shall direct the kingdom collaborations.

  • First Small Breakout Groups

Facilitated by two mentors, each small breakout group boasts of exchanges of lives as MAPpers interacted with Scripture, with the contents in Henson’s book Alignment Check as well as with others in the body of Christ. This platform for open sharing and authentic discourse has become a highlight. A fellow MAPper in the same small group as Sally has encouraging words for her. She has witnessed Sally become ‘so focused’ over the course of their MAP journey together. Sally herself celebrates in joy, “What hit me hard was that if we are doing anything and everything, we are anything but aimless. I was indeed very involved in church doing a lot of things and Pastor Henson’s sharing has awakened me to a major reorientation of some preconceived ideas of what kingdom assignment and discipleship is.” In another small group, it was also not surprising to hear Esther testify that Elaine has “inspired” her in her faith journey.

  • First Silent Retreat Masked

The Silent Retreat has become an integral part of MAP. It was not the first MAP Silent Retreat but it was the first time MAPpers retreated into silence, masked up. Alas, they heard God speak loudly. Susheel, who oversees MAP, says that the Silent Retreat for MAP allows space and time for the Holy Spirit to surface and deal with the MAPpers’ misalignments in preparing them for upcoming assignments or enabling them to do current assignments better. At the same time, it also allows space and time for them to seek God concerning their assignments. Confessing to be a perfectionist, Sandy started the retreat asking God to confirm her assignment. She left the retreat understanding that she must first align herself with the Holy Spirit. “For without Him, I can accomplish nothing. He reminded that I shall go forth partnering the Holy Spirit, be led, be filled and be aligned!”

  • First Time Mentors Tagged MAPpers

In the first three MAP Commencements, Henson and Susheel were the ones who put the ID (identity) tags, similar to those of the soldiers, over the neck of every MAP alumni. This is like an Archippian charge to every MAPper – Paul calls Archippus his fellow soldier in Philemon 2 – that we may take heed to the ministry we have received in the Lord to fulfil it (Colossians 4:17). At MAP4.0, having to zoom in from five different locations for local MAPpers, mentors were tasked with this privilege to put the tags on the MAPpers. A team of mentors faithfully stewarding their mentoring assignment has been raised. As more and more Archippuses are awakened and aligned towards assignment, may God bring an assignment culture in which soldiers in the army of God arise to take kingdom influence into our areas of operations.

Cheering you on, fellow MAPpers and fellow soldiers. Let’s spur one another to keep focusing on aligning with God towards moving on His given kingdom assignments, that we may echo His kingdom come, His will be done.

Finally, many MAPpers started their dive into the A-R-E-A framework at an Alignment WeekEnd (AWE). You are invited to learn more about the A-R-E-A framework at AWE2021 (13-16 May) where Henson will go deep into the key aspects of the Alignment Check across five engaging sessions.


Fee: $20

Closing Date: 30 April 2021 (limited spaces)



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