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Tan Lay Leng

Sometime last week, a word from the Lord to Bro Tan Gee Paw concerning the present COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) crisis was circulated over social media. Here is the full text:

The Word of the Lord that came to me on Thursday 6th February 2020
“The Wuhan Virus”

China and the whole world are gripped by the outbreak of the Wuhan virus with city lock downs in many parts of China and the closing of borders with China by mnany countries. In the late afternoon of the 6thFeb 2020, I went to MacRitchie Reservoir Park to spend a quiet time before dinner. As I sat on the bench in communion with the Lord, I asked a silent question, “Lord, what is the meaning of this outbreak?” I was taken aback by a clear answer from the Lord, saying, “I have pressed the pause button on China.”

My immediate reaction was, “Lord, if you have pressed the pause button on China, then you have also pressed the pause button on all surrounding countries affiliated with China, including Singapore.”

As the message was so clear, I walked back to my car in deep silence. I turned on the radio (93.8FM) to hear the 5.30pm news. One of the news items shook me up. The radio announcer read out, “China has pressed the pause button and postponed its annual National Peoples Congress, the top policy making body.” The very words ‘pressed the pause button’ was read out! I listened again to the 6pm news and the same words were repeated.

Message to the churches:
The Lord has pressed the pause button not only for China but also the church in Asia. It is time for us to pause, be quiet and spend time with Him. We must pause to listen to Him, for time is fast running on.

Tan Gee Paw
Ps Henson shares about the significance of the pause from 10:50 mark.

Whilst preparing for the second Facebook Live session (14 February 2020) to urge the saints to stand in the gap and go viral with prayers (#goviralwithprayer), the Lord brought this word to the mind of Ps Henson. Reading it once more, he observed an interesting and significant timeline.

After the receiving (and releasing) of this word on 6 February, Life Church and Mission (Singapore) discovered the first COVID-19 cases on 7 February. On 9 February, Case 41 was traced to Paya Lebar Methodist Church. Life Church and Mission (Singapore) announced that their services would be suspended. Two days later, on 11 February, Grace Assembly of God Church became the third church to report of cases and it was announced that services would be cancelled for two weeks.

Almost immediately after God spoke to Bro Gee Paw about a pause, three churches were affected, one after another, resulting in the pausing of services and the disruption of activities.

Ps Henson shared during his live broadcast, “God is allowing something to happen. This is like an object lesson. Perhaps there is something happening to cause saints to ask questions and also be awakened. What if God is allowing this to literally free us up, to cause believers to pause and pray?”

Church services are good and activities are wonderful. But if these have to be suspended to put health advisory measures in place, does the Church stop? Is the Church about the services and activities? Or is the Church about people, about God?

There are further questions worth asking. What if God is allowing these disruptions so that we will have time to seek Him, to really seek Him, and not seek the services or the activities that we are so used to? Have believers used services, activities and  programmes like a crutch? Have we relied on these more than we have, on God?

What’s more, it is not just to get through this crisis but to get ready for God’s next move. The last line of Bro Gee Paw’s message reads, “We must pause to listen to Him for time is fast running on.”

“Time is fast running on.” At these words, every person who has heard the Archippus Awakening message would have paid attention. An eleventh-hour message, Archippus Awakening trumpets the clarion call for the saints in the body of Christ to the urgency of being awakened, aligned and assigned for God and His kingdom purposes. The days are short. The times are evil. 

We must get ready, this is a pause before a play. Ps Henson reiterated, “The pause is only a moment, because after the pause is a play. So, it is not just a pause and pray, it will be a pause and play. I believe that this whole situation will pass. God wants us to pause and listen to Him. For those who align or realign, those who are awakened, and we are inclining our ear, leaning in to listen to Him, heeding this word to pause and to pray, assignments will be there. Once this thing moves on, God is looking for men and women – Archippuses – who will be awakened, aligned and assigned.”  

Let’s not miss the next move of God. Each and every one of us has kingdom assignments from God. We do not know when He will press the Play button, but we must be faithful in what He has asked us to do. Faithfulness is readiness. 

After Ps Henson’s #goviralwithprayer broadcast ended, a fresh post was circulating over social media: Singapore, let’s pause and pray at 12pm: LoveSingapore unfurls noontime prayer. Coincidence? No, convergence. God is moving. And He is clearly inviting His people to move with Him.

Will you pause and pray, that we may partner Him when He presses play?

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