Alignment Check: “In these days of secular, nominal and cultural Christians … we have to go deep and get back to what really matters.”

Book Review of Alignment Check by David Ang

When Henson asked me to share a review of his new book, Alignment Check, my jaw dropped as it is a THICK BOOK(!). However, as a good faithful friend, I readily obliged. And when I started reading it, I could not put it down until I finished it (did it in two and a half days).

Both my mind and spirit were brought to a deep examination of my inner life in Christ. I was reintroduced to authentic Christianity minus the familiar bells-and-whistles, revivalistic rah-rah type of Christian chiong (hype) which the church has grown accustomed to. Instead, Alignment Check provoked a deep, introspective and honest look at how I am living my life for Christ; and Christ only.

For me, Alignment Check recovers the simple but high call of a disciple: that plain but demanding beckoning to live the kingdom life. As Jesus said to Peter, “Follow Me,” this same invitation is still being extended to all who desire a life lived for the Master and the King. To be sure, this was a no-ifs and no-buts call which not just changed Peter’s life, but led to the greatest movement on the surface of the earth.

Contained within this 45-chapter volume is that possibility of such a promise to recapture the momentum of what began two thousand years ago. It carries an impartation which could move the needle for the Body of Christ through awakened Archippuses who read and learn from it. In these days of secular, nominal and cultural Christians, an Alignment Check is both timely and sorely needed: we have to go deep and get back to what really matters.

Knowing the author personally, and noting the coherence and integrity between the writer and the writings, made the reading of Alignment Check that much sweeter and more enjoyable. Definitely not just a regurgitation of some nice Christian theories, or some doctrine read elsewhere and reproduced here. Alignment Check was truly written from Henson’s heart, exemplified through his own life and ministry.

If you desire to be aligned with Jesus and be assigned for Him, Alignment Check is a must read…


David serves as the Executive Director of ACS Oldham Hall. He is married to Amy, and very blessed with three children. The family worships at Kum Yan Methodist Church. David loves … to read … what else? 🙂

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