Special Introductory Session of KINGDOM101: Hall Too Small?

After a year of baby steps in 2014, Archippus Awakening shifts gears in 2015 through its very first initiative in KINGDOM101.

“Er, what is that?” you ask.

That’s a really good question. And that’s why I am hosting a Special Introductory Session on 4 February, Wednesday, 7:30pm to introduce the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening and the expository journey of KINGDOM101. This would be the very first time Archippus Awakening is shared in some detail and how the next steps would look like through KINGDOM101, scheduled to commence on 18 March and beyond.

We have already booked #11-06 CT Hub for this. But as the prayer team gathered to pray yesterday, everyone felt that this hall with a capacity of 70 would be too small. One intercessor saw crowds, and another saw a multitude of stars. Now, mind you, it is an open event, free of charge, without any need for registration. As such, it is really difficult to know who is coming and how many. And yet, the general consensus is that we need a larger room. Don’t you love these prayer warriors and intercessors?

Prayerfully, I am continuing to commit this to the Lord, and a decision will be taken very soon if #11-11 should be booked instead, with a capacity of 100-130. By His grace, I am excited to see brothers and sisters from different local churches and communities come together for a common purpose. That’s what kingdom is all about!

As you read this post, I am inviting you to join me in prayer too. Not only that, I am inviting you to this Special Introductory Session that you may consider being a part of this exciting journey through KINGDOM101. Even more, I am inviting you to invite others to come along that as many would hear the word of the Kingdom and be duly awakened, aligned and assigned.

Simply download this e-flyer to share with your friends via email or whatsapp:

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 5.23.58 pm
Alternatively, visit our Facebook Page. We have created this as an Event and you can click and share it on your own wall.

Finally, although no registration is required, I am requesting an indication of attendance and numbers to facilitate our planning and logistics. To do that, a simple email to archippusawakening@gmail.com would suffice.

Thank you for your partnership and prayers. I look forward to seeing you on 4 Feb.

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    Just in case you are still not aware of my main focus this year, here is an update. Do consider joining me at this Special Introductory Session to hear and learn more. And then, embark on an expository journey of KINGDOM101 with me and an assembly of Archippuses who desire to know the King, embrace His Kingdom and receive their assignments. Starting 18 March. Blessings!

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