Alignment Before Assignments: Takeaways from KLCC Youth Camp

In 2023, Archippus Awakening started to move more intentionally to reach the younger ones through a fresh initiative called a+ (pronounced a-plus) – little ‘a’ to represent younger Archippuses; and ‘+’ that symbolises the cross and also the letter ‘t’ that stands for the thirties, twenties and the tens (teens).

And what better way to reach these than at a youth camp where they are a captive audience? And so the Lord graciously allowed us to end the year with an invitation to speak at Kingdom Life Community Church‘s youth camp (10-14 Dec) with the theme, ARISE IN CHRIST! Henson shared six sessions across the four days at the camp held at the Port Dickson Methodist Centre.

Here are some of the youths’ takeaways. May you be blessed by them as we have been.

The sessions helped to expose, break and correct many common wrong mindsets that believers, including myself, have. The sharing by Ps Henson and Serene was a very good and powerful reminder that we have a Kingdom Assignment even when we are going about the mandate and unglamorous routine of life. We will discover it and take hold of it when our hearts are first set on loving God, instead of our need to know what the assignment is.

Shu Juan

I learnt the importance of aligning with the heart of God. I shouldn’t hope to jump straightaway from being awakened to being assigned, because the heart of God is what ensures that I will carry out His purposes with love and for His glory alone

Corinna Ng

Through the sessions, I understand that my personal identity is not the important point; rather, I should place my trust in God, draw strength from Him, and embrace the responsibilities given by Him. It’s not about relying on my human strength and abilities, but rather on drawing strength from God. As I seek God for my Kingdom Assignment, I must ensure I have Kingdom Foundation so that I can make Kingdom Influence in my area of operation.

Roger Koh

The sessions helped to correct a misaligned perception that being moral people and going to church are the sum of Christianity. Really appreciate how Ps Henson taught in a systematic and clear manner, and his heart for us to stay true to Christianity and what it entails for our lives, as set out in the Bible.

Rachel Er

I was reminded of what was truly important in times like this. My main takeaways would be 1) to find alignment first and not fret about my calling and purpose because God will reveal that in due time. 2) I cannot operate effectively without proper empowerment and rest in the Word 3) I am uniquely known by Him and i dont need to be uniquely known by the world for me to be effective. Very thankful and moved by how i can rest but still be used by Him

Ethan Leung

From the sessions in the camp i have learnt about mainly awaken align and assign, I now know that I have to be aligned with God instead of God being aligned with me I also have a better idea of how I should live life to fulfil my kingdom assignment.

Sarah Huang

1. Reverence for Christ —> Encounter Jesus as king
2. It take two hands to clap —> God can do anything through us but we must align ourselves to Him
3. Just because we are stagnant, it doesn’t mean that life and time stays still for us. Time still passes and we’re still moving, it depends fully on the posture of our heart and how we run the race
4. Serving God doesn’t equate to Christian activities. We are called to be sent out and to fulfil His kingdom assignments (not only in church, but) outside of the four walls in churc

Janna Aw

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