KINGDOM101 Newly Revamped Website: An Introduction

Written by Daryl Tan

101 takes its meaning from universities that use this number for introductory courses, i.e. the 1st class you take in your 1st year. Likewise, the KINGDOM101 initiative takes us through a journey through the book of Matthew, also the 1st gospel in the New Testament, to bring us “back to basics” of what living for the kingdom truly means.

After 6 years and 18 chapters worth of sessions, the KINGDOM101 team is blessed to present our newly revamped website! Read on to find out more about the fresh features you can look forward to as you join us in building your kingdom foundations and to go on kingdom assignment.

WFH or On the Go? No Problem!
The KINGDOM101 website has been designed to be easily readable on different devices. Whether you are viewing the teachings on your laptop as you work from home, or browsing on your phone during your daily commute, or winding down after work to feast on the Lord’s word on the couch with your iPad (or other tablets, we don’t earn commission from Apple), you may visit the website using any format.

Switch Seamlessly Across Sessions
From the home page, click on the “KINGDOM101 Teachings” button. From the teachings page, you can select from the different chapters of Matthew, and you will then see a list of the sessions covering that chapter and a short paragraph about the session. You can then click on the title of that session and it will bring you to the page where you will see the audio recording, video recording and a summary of the main key points of the session.

If you are done and crave for more, you don’t even have to go to the home page! Just click on the session links on the right side (see screenshot below).

Or for mobile devices, tap on the three dots icon on the left side of the screen to open the list of sessions (see screenshot below).

Different Styles of Learning
Just as God has created us each uniquely to fulfill our assignments, we may prefer different ways of receiving the Word. KINGDOM101 is available in audio format through Soundcloud or Apple Podcast, and video format on Youtube. If you prefer to access the recordings through the relevant apps, click on the button of your preferred app on the landing page and you will be redirected to the appropriate channel on that app.

KINGDOM101 Summaries
We understand that some people may prefer to read the content rather than viewing or listening to the recording, perhaps to refresh their memory after the session or if it is not convenient to play the recording. A small squad of Archippuses has graciously taken time to go through the recordings and write out the main key points in a manner that is long enough to cover the essentials, yet short enough to keep things interesting. Within each session tab, you will find these summaries for your reading pleasure.

What’s the Next Step?
Kingdom living was never meant to be easy or convenient, but we hope that this website will make kingdom teaching more accessible. In addition, just like the kingdom of God, KINGDOM101 is here, but not yet in full. Do have a look around, go ahead and read, listen or watch, whichever makes the most sense to you, but do stay tuned for more as we complete the remaining 10 chapters of Matthew. And just as James says, let us be doers of the word, and not just hearers. May you walk away with a greater sense and conviction of what it means to live kingdom.

Go to KINGDOM101 Website.

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