KINGDOM101: Phase To Phase

I remember struggling with the thought of starting KINGDOM101. Deep within me, I knew that it would not be easy at all. [Read: Expository Preaching: What was I thinking?] Yet, the prompting was strong from the Lord, convicting me of the need to teach about the kingdom of God – not just for the general body of Christ but specifically to Archippuses, because those who desire to be on kingdom assignment must be grounded with the right foundation of the kingdom.
And so, in obedience, not really knowing how it would turn out, we planned for KINGDOM101. On 4 Feb, we held a Special Introductory Session to introduce and explain what KINGDOM101 would be, inviting all to join us on this expository journey. I was personally encouraged when 101 turned up for this session.

3-fold Objective of KINGDOM101
– To know the King
– To embrace His kingdom
– To receive our assignments

Phase I kicked off on 18 Mar and every Wednesday following. Across the weeks, the attendance settled at an average of 50, comprising regulars and visitors from different local churches. Phase I ended on 27 May, after 9 teaching sessions, coinciding with the book commissioning of Say To Archippus. With that, KINGDOM101 took its first break over the June holidays.

Phase II resumed on 8 July. This second phase covered another 15 teaching sessions, bringing us to Matthew 5:1. The 24th and last teaching of the year, Multus Discipulus, took place on 11 Nov. The next week, we had our very first guest speaker (ever) with IN THE LAST DAYS‘ speaker, Bill Muehlenberg, sharing about “Capturing the Culture”. On 25 Nov, we came together to celebrate the end of Phase II, giving thanks and praise to the Lord for His grace and enablement.

To serve those who are unable to come on Wednesday nights, weekly teachings are uploaded onto our Archippus Awakening Channel on SoundCloud. As at the time of posting this update, our channel has drawn 4,400+ plays, not just in Singapore but also beyond our shores. More recently, after listening to the teachings, a sister wrote in from USA to purchase copies of Say To Archippus! We are so thankful that the Lord is extending our reach through the internet. Who knows how Archippus Awakening will grow as a movement in the days ahead!

Looking back, I stand amazed at how we have travelled thus far. Week after week, I must admit that it has been quite a stretch for me to prepare fresh messages for KINGDOM101, over and above other ministry engagements and family commitments. Even so, that demonstrates what an assignment is and how important it is to know one’s assignment. No matter how difficult it is or how tired I am, my desire is to be faithful to what the Lord has assigned to me and to do it well for His glory and for the benefit of the body of Christ.

Along the way, the journey can seem extremely lonely. Each week, I never know who is coming or how many will turn up (especially after a break!). Pastorally, after teaching, I often wonder how many will move on what has been shared that these do not remain hearers of the word, deceiving themselves, but will go on to become truly Archippuses, awakened, aligned and assigned! It’s hard to know because often, fruit is not readily evident. For a teacher and preacher, this can be terribly discouraging. And yet, because this is what I have been tasked to do, I will keep plugging away and will keep sowing and sowing, trusting that the Lord will water every teaching and heart with the rain of His Holy Spirit.

Over the next weeks, KINGDOM101 will take another long break before resuming with PHASE III on 13 Jan 2016. I won’t have much time to wonder who or if any will return in the new year. My schedule is already filled with church camps and other speaking engagements, not to mention the need to pray and plan for the forward initiatives of Archippus Awakening.

All I know is that my God who has seen us through Phase I and Phase II will continue to see us through Phase III and beyond. Amen!

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