Glad Tidings Church Camp 14-16 June 2014: Beyond Mediocrity

Yesterday, I returned from speaking at Glad Tidings Church Camp, held at Renaissance Hotel JB, 14-16 June. My heart is filled with gratitude to Abba Father for His presence, strength and enablement. I’d also like to extend a big word of thanks to all who prayed for me.

At the recommendation of Ps Richard Toh, I was invited by Senior Pastor Lawrence Lee to be the camp speaker. Initially, I was not sure if I should accept in view of the the closeness of the dates to our own church camp. However, since it was only 2.5 days over the weekend, with Serene’s support and understanding, I said ‘yes’. Little did I know that I would be allocated a total of SIX teaching sessions!


When I learned of the theme – “BEYOND MEDIOCRITY: The Christ-Centred Life” – it resonated deeply with my heart and I knew that the Lord had provided me a good opportunity to share the message of Archippus Awakening. The question was, How? Over the next months, amidst other ministry engagements and developments, the six topics that emerged were:

  1. Beyond Salvation: Kingdom
  2. Beyond Religion: Relationship
  3. Beyond Words: Obedience
  4. Beyond Grace: Works
  5. Beyond Reach: Empowerment
  6. Beyond Mediocrity: Significance

I was very encouraged when these met with the immediate approval of Ps Lawrence.

Needless to say, I was a little distracted at our own church camp a few days earlier, with six messages floating around in my head! And yet, as odd as this will sound, although I was a tad anxious, there was a certain rested-ness that the Lord will indeed come through for me. With the one day rest in between camps, I put down the points and prepared the Keynote presentations. Lest this might appear as last-minute to anyone, I must quickly add that much of the material was already prayed through and conceived in my months of cave time.


Across the six sessions, the Lord stirred and touched many hearts. Messages were presented and minds were stretched beyond present presumptions to consider the things of the kingdom, to move beyond comfort zones and to embrace a new season and move of God in personal lives and that of this very established 57 year old church. The times of ministry were especially meaningful as the Lord affirmed and comforted with His love, presence and glory.

I was so humbled when an elderly brother, Mickey, stepped up to shake my hand, thanking me for helping him see and learn so many new things. He then said that he would continue to pray for me and for Archippus Awakening, which he senses will have an international platform. I later found out that this dear brother is a prayer warrior in his church – wow! Another brother, Melvin, felt led to release Exodus 35:30-35 over me, seeing me as a Bezalel whom God has anointed for the purposes of building His tabernacle which today is the Body of Christ. His wife, Sarah, at the close of the camp assured me of the Lord’s favour as the work of Archippus Awakening will be challenging but I am to be reminded that a seven-fold grace is upon me. The pastors and elders of the church also affirmed the message of Archippus Awakening and are now considering practical applications for the ‘Archippuses’ at GTC.

With Senior Pastor Lawrence Lee and his wife, Amy.
With Senior Pastor Lawrence Lee and his wife, Amy.

Truly, the Lord orchestrated everything! He provided such a beautiful opportunity for me to “test” the messages of Archippus Awakening in the context of a church environment. In Archippus Awakening jargon, this was like a trial A.W.E. (Awakening Event); and I believe there will be more to come. His favour opened the way for such a warm reception and response from leadership and members. This has given me the encouragement and confidence that Archippus Awakening can and will partner with churches that the Lord has prepared.

As He has already shown me … as I receive the mandate and do my part to proclaim the message, it is the Lord who will turn it into a movement! Hallelujah!!!

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